Saturday, April 3, 2010

Drip... Drip... Drip...

Got home around 9:30 tonight from my writing club.

Walked into my apt, was greeted by fluffy yellow kitty. And then heard a strange pitter-patter sound. I thought it was the other kitty and walked down the hall to see what she was doing. But then I realized the sound was coming from the washer/dryer closet.

I opened the door and the sound I heard was like rain on a tin roof. And that description is pretty apt.

I called my 3rd floor neighbor, who said, no, she wasn't running her washing machine. So I went to visit the 2nd floor neighbor. She wasn't running hers either, but we could *hear* water rushing somewhere near her machine. So I called my kitty-corner neighbor (who's on the condo board) to get the number for the maintenance guy.

Hot Maintenance Guy comes over. In the meantime, both 3rd Floor and Kitty-Corner have shown up at my apartment and are happily drinking my beer. We're having a grand old time.

Turns out there's a burst pipe in 2nd Floor's wall.


So Hot Maintenance Guy and I go down to the basement to find the right pipe to turn off (water is just *gushing* into the storage space)

An hour (and another round of beers) later, Hot But Grumpy Plumber Guy shows up. He and Hot Maintenance Guy spend the next hour traipsing from basement to 2nd Floor and back again, using my apartment as Center Stage in some bizarre comedy of errors.

It all turned out for the best.

We caught it pretty quickly (thank goodness I didn't follow through on my whim to drive home to Iowa to surprise my parents for Easter!!!!) and it looks like there's minimal damage to my unit.

And frankly, it was a pretty fun evening!!!


Anonymous said...

You know what they say about plumbers!

[sorry---couldn't resist!]

Terri said...

I like how you can turn a bad situation into a party!

Typoterri said...

Wow. Miss your blog. It's been awhile.

Happy Birthday, EEE!!

Angela said...

Time for a new blogpost! I finally did one. Your turn! :)

Fowl Ideas said...

So this is where the "next blog" button goes.

Since you own "from the studs in" in condominiums, I'm assuming the plumber billed the association, not you.

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jeremy said...

Amen to that. All of them had fun.

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Jessica Remeark said...

"bizarre comedy of errors"
I love that.

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