Friday, April 10, 2009


I went on a date last night. I was very excited about it because I had spoken to him on the phone several times and each time we had long, fun conversations. We seemed to communicate well.

But the date itself did not turn out quite so well.

He was cute. The conversation was pretty good, but he rarely asked me any questions about me. Instead I got a lot of work stories and learned about him, which was great because I was honestly interested in him. I was willing to put down his apparent lack of interest in my life to sheer nervousness.

He was clearly nervous, but his body language did not give me a lot of hope. He leaned away from me a lot and made no effort to touch me, even causually.

Again, I was willing to put this down to first date nerves.

But then he got a phone call. Politely, he glanced at his phone and then turned it off. Good. But a few minutes later, he excused himself to go to the restroom and was gone for quite a while.

When he came back, he made no secret of the fact that he had returned the call. And here's where things get very odd.

Apparently, a friend of his was down in the city and had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend. During this time, the friend had accidentally locked his keys in his car. So he called my date (who lives in the NW burbs) because apparently my date carries spare keys to his friend's car around with him.

W T F???

To be fair, my date did not ditch me right away. But the date did end relatively soon thereafter.

This really seemed like an "emergency call" to me (and I didn't even know that guys did this!)

But we were already close to the end of the date. It was 9:30 and he could easily have excused himself saying he had to work in the morning. That's exactly why you do first dates during the week.

But I'm simply speechless. And kind of hurt.

I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. But it's very very strange.


Garth said...

WOW! That is rather disappointing and it does sound like an emergency call. I thought only women pulled that trick too. If you happen to speak with him again I'd call him on it and make him explain himself. Hopefully it was a true emergency situation and not a blow off. If that's the way he operates then he's a wus and not worth your time. Just put it in the past, drop it from memory and live in the present.

EEE said...

I know, right?!

I would never pull the "emergency call" unless I truly felt my safety was at risk. And even then... I don't lie well.

When he said that, it was like a glass wall had fallen btwn us and I was just thinking: you have got to be fucking kidding me! Is this really happening???

I hope I'm mistaken. But...


Jay_Lee said...

Oh for the love of Pete (I just know I would love Pete if I ever met him) The phone call trick? Goodness, Sweetie, I'm sorry hon. I hope you're wrong too

Anonymous said...


That sucks. Dating takes self esteem of steal.

It seems clear that the guy has issues. The call may not have been an emergency call. Something could have happened prior to the date he did not want to tell you, that had nothing to do with you but put him off the date. I think that is what it was.

I remember something happening to me that was sort of similar, and I found out later there were extenuating circumstances that would have made me feel much better about the whole thing if only I knew them at the time (the person and I shared aquaintances...this is how I found out details later).


Anonymous said...

I think Bella has it right, EEE. Listen to Bella.

Anonymous said...

Um, that was me agreeing with Bella.

:) Terri

Anonymous said...

hahaha. I meant "steel."



Angela said...

Bummer! I'm sorry! I think it's weird he had to take the call privately in the restroom. I mean, wouldn't he have had a story all worked up in advance if he needed an "out" from the date?