Monday, November 30, 2009

I did it!!!!

I did it!!!!

I wrote a 50K word novel in 30 days!!!!!

It ain't pretty. It's actually pretty darned ugly! But it was fun and it's actually really rewarding to FINISH something.


And at the same time I'm starting something... I've been seeing a new boy. He's cute and sweet and quirky and a great communicator - he agrees whole-heartedly with my "better out than in" philosophy. So I am cautiously optimistic.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

A New Day

OK, so hopefully today can be a new day.

The sun is shining, my apartment doesn't look like too big of a shithole, and I just don't have the energy to be angry any more. (For now, anyway ;p )

For the record, I really wish things hadn't escalated as they did. I was angry and I vented and a few more people chimed in with their own gripes. Some of it got kind of mean. I regret that.

For the most part, I like to keep this blog positive - there are so many wonderful people and wonderful things in the world and I really don't like to dwell on the negative stuff.

But I got angry and I vented.

Roo and I have exchanged emails and I think we understand one another.

If anything, perhaps it's a good reminder that our actions have consequences. Things we say and do affect other people.

Anyway, it looks like a beautiful weekend ahead. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Got Your Back

I am extremely lucky.

I have many wonderful friends and a large, loving family.

Some of them I see frequently, others I see rarely if ever.

The one thing I know? They've got my back. Each and every one of them.

And I've got their back. All of them. I've even gone to bat for people who later proved unworthy of my efforts. Repeatedly.

I'm a big believer in second chances. Hell, I've even been known to give third, fourth, and even twentieth chances.

But some people have no concept what friendship really means. They don't have your back. They can not be trusted to stand up for you when others are doing horrible things. They'll stand up for themselves (as they SHOULD!) but you can't count on them to stand up for YOU or for the people who stand up for them.

They take without giving. Without REALLY giving, anyway. Not when giving becomes difficult.

Luckily, I know enough of the warm, strong, loving, supportive, loyal type that it doesn't bother me too much when one of the others proves to be unworthy of my friendship. There are too many positive people in my life to waste time on those who dwell in negativity and meanness of spirit.

Thankfully, the good people in my life far outnumber the bad. So I'm not too worried about those people who aren't worthy of my time.

For all those I love, I hope you know, without doubt that I got your back.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cincinnati Sushi

So... my mom makes this totally tacky little white trash appetizer that I just love.

Basically, it's a dill pickle slathered in cream cheese, wrapped in a slice of ham and then sliced into little rolls.

She also makes a sweet pickle version that I'm not a fan of with salami instead of ham.

She calls them (wait for it!) "Pickle Rolls"

She's been making them forever and I've never met anyone unrelated to me who's even ever heard of such a snack. But they're standard fare at our house.

So you'll maybe understand my shock - SHOCK - to discover them on the menu at the bar I went to on Friday night.

And they had a name: "Cincinnati Sushi"