Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cincinnati Sushi

So... my mom makes this totally tacky little white trash appetizer that I just love.

Basically, it's a dill pickle slathered in cream cheese, wrapped in a slice of ham and then sliced into little rolls.

She also makes a sweet pickle version that I'm not a fan of with salami instead of ham.

She calls them (wait for it!) "Pickle Rolls"

She's been making them forever and I've never met anyone unrelated to me who's even ever heard of such a snack. But they're standard fare at our house.

So you'll maybe understand my shock - SHOCK - to discover them on the menu at the bar I went to on Friday night.

And they had a name: "Cincinnati Sushi"



Terri said...

I've never, ever heard of this. Do you think a relative spilled the beans and gave out the secret recipe?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet I could make a version of that using really thin flatbread like a wrap. And my dad would love it...not as much as the ham kind, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him!

Anonymous said...

I can post comments, I can post comments!!!!