Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Got Your Back

I am extremely lucky.

I have many wonderful friends and a large, loving family.

Some of them I see frequently, others I see rarely if ever.

The one thing I know? They've got my back. Each and every one of them.

And I've got their back. All of them. I've even gone to bat for people who later proved unworthy of my efforts. Repeatedly.

I'm a big believer in second chances. Hell, I've even been known to give third, fourth, and even twentieth chances.

But some people have no concept what friendship really means. They don't have your back. They can not be trusted to stand up for you when others are doing horrible things. They'll stand up for themselves (as they SHOULD!) but you can't count on them to stand up for YOU or for the people who stand up for them.

They take without giving. Without REALLY giving, anyway. Not when giving becomes difficult.

Luckily, I know enough of the warm, strong, loving, supportive, loyal type that it doesn't bother me too much when one of the others proves to be unworthy of my friendship. There are too many positive people in my life to waste time on those who dwell in negativity and meanness of spirit.

Thankfully, the good people in my life far outnumber the bad. So I'm not too worried about those people who aren't worthy of my time.

For all those I love, I hope you know, without doubt that I got your back.


Heart said...

And I've got your back!!!!

Roo said...
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Jay_Lee said...

Hey E, Have I mentioned that you're amazing honey? <3 you

Typoterri said...

I don't understand people who do not follow this simple rule of friendship. It can, though, separate the weeds from the roses rather quickly.

Thanks for being a rose.

Bella said...

I notice that about you, EEE. You are quality. I wish I had more time to spend "with" you guys on Topix (well, with some of you anyway....LOL).

EEE said...

Yes. I know you all do. And I am very lucky to count you all among my friends.


Some people will not understand and I have to believe that these people CHOOSE not to understand because this is not about one single instance or one person, but about the pattern.

ex-ferrer said...

Actually, it's a good message for others who may fail to follow the party line. You must have studied under Stalin.

Roo said...

No worries. I'm sure that person understands perfectly that differences in opinions will not be tolerated lest they be labeled an unloyal person who doesn't know what friendship is about. I mean, no one wants to associate with people who think for themselves, am I right?

I hope everyone just has the best weekend ever. There have been so many tragic events that have happened lately that I think we all deserve some happy time. Enjoy your friends.

EEE said...

It has nothing to do with differences of opinion.

It has everything to do with repeatedly *praising* someone who has gone out of his way to be nasty and vindictive towards people who have been nothing but kind and supportive towards you.

Roo said...

Ah, I see. Like I said, no worries here. If y'all wanna start hatin on me, feel free. If you wanna say that I'm a bad person, a bad friend, go ahead. Talk as much shit about me as you want. I know that I haven't done a damn thing wrong. You can ask him, I've called him out when I thought he was wrong, and I told him that I enjoyed his writing when it was good. I just don't fucking care anymore.

EEE said...

No hate here, honey.

Just realizing who I can count on and who I can't.

That's all.

I don't wish you ill. Not at all. I want nothing but good things for you. Which is all I have EVER done.

Jay_Lee said...

Did you really think that your constant support of someone that spews negativity like that and targets people was okay with some of the people he's attacked? Sure you are your own person and think what you want to. I told you that you didn't have to choose sides, that didn't mean I was okay with your support of him. I'm not hatin on you I'm disagreeing with you, and if that is hatin in your book then…well you know. You think this is because you laughed at a post. Bullshit kid. This is because some of us have had enough, you get pissed, you spew, and you’re not going to take it anymore, whatever. Maybe I’m there too. You're having a hard time right now, ya, me too. Welcome to the fucking club. So what? But, it's all about you anyway.

Angela said...

Roo, if you think Ferr won't stab you in the back at the first/best opportunity, you're sadly mistaken.

And your notion that you have to be friendly with everyone is just immature and misguided. It's okay to NOT be friendly to people who stab others in the back and behave in nasty ways.

Oh, and that fireman? He wasn't stringing you along. He blew you off.

Get over it.

a770isaho said...

i <3 friday dramas

and so lil roo get kicked out of the ninnies club

dun dun dun another one bites the dust

not a complete loss tho, more bubble tea and cookies for the rest, as they ponder the mysteries of life, like "why cant i keep a man?"

RACE said...

Someone can write very well, and still be a despicable person.

Would you tell a punk gansta that robs old people what a lovely prose he has?

Roo said...

Ok. I respect your opinions of me. It is what it is.

RACE said...

Roo, You cant just go around telling everybody to go fuck themselves and not expect people to get irked. What the heck have I ever done to you to merit that?

Right now Edog is running all over the internet trying to make things right between you and EEE, and guess what? Your buddy Xferr is probably laughing his ass off about what an idiot he looks like by doing it. But he wont admit that to you. He delights in watching Edog make himself look silly trying to be your prince, and you are laughing in his right along with him!
Edog is trying to be a real friend to you and you are kicking him in the nads, by aligning yourself with Xferr.

Good going kiddo!

RACE said...

Should be laughing in his face....

Terri you are one righ woman!

RACE said...

sheeze I am an idiot

ex-ferrer said...

Actually, I'm cooking pork chops. But I agree you're an idiot.

RACE said...

Could be worse, I could be you.

Roo said...

I am doing nothing but enjoying time with my family. There is nothing in this world that I can say to "fix" things. People feel the way they do and I can't change that. As I have previously explained to eee, I cannot hold grudges. I have emailed her so whatever she feels to do about it is up to her. I cannot be mad at her for speaking her mind. I apologized for being a bitch, because I truly do feel bad for getting so upset.

You all are making it perfectly clear how you feel about me. Does it hurt, yeah, but from some I'm finding that I hurt them, so I can't complain.

I'm not going to fight and argue. If people want to say mean things, so be it. I will argue no longer. Y'all are (were) friends, people I could count on, and it sucks that I've upset you.

EEE said...

Roo, it's not a matter of not liking you.

I actually DO like you. Otherwise none of this wouldn't be an issue.

I'm sending you an email, honey.

And I apologize for not handling this a bit better. It's gotten way out of control and I think it should all be toned down.