Sunday, November 30, 2008

Done. Done. Done!



I finished my NaNoWriMo novel - at 5:45pm on November 30th. Nothing like waiting until the last possible day.

One thing I will say, though, is that this novel is by far the worst one I've ever written. It is B.A.D!!!!! I can't even figure out what the plot is supposed to be and I wrote the damned thing...

Ah well. I'll take a few days off and then get back to my REAL novel. I'm going to try to finish that one by the end of the year. I'm close. Just have to wrap up the last couple scenes and I'll have a "first draft"

I'll worry about revisions etc next year....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Adventures in E-Dating: Part 1

I went out on my first date with a guy I met on Match.

I’d seen his profile and he looked attractive and sounded entertaining so I sent him a *Wink* which is the Match way of letting someone know you’re interested without having to say anything.

Given how quickly he responded, I could reasonably assume that he liked my profile as well. He mentioned how much he liked my glasses (that librarian thing again, Garth?) and wanted to set up a date for bloody marys that same weekend.

This was awfully quick for me and I told him (truthfully) that I was helping a friend move. He then came back with Monday, and when I shot that down: Wednesday. And after he hounded me a bit, I finally agreed to meet him in person on Thursday, assuming that he’s the sort who just likes to do stuff face-to-face.

My inner alarm bells did not go off when he suggested a place near his home, though I was a bit miffed that he didn’t even try to suggest someplace in the middle. But the alarms did begin ringing when, as we were confirming the time and place, he wrote that if we “clicked” we could go back to his place after.


I thought I might be over-reacting to this, but my friends (both imaginary and real) told me to be careful and a couple even suggested cancelling.

I didn’t cancel. Instead I emailed him back, very firmly telling him that if was looking for a quick hook-up I was NOT the girl for him.

We met.

Boy was he cute! Several years older than me with classic but understated good looks. Thick dark hair with a little grey in it (sexy!) and incredibly blue eyes.

But he was fucking nuts.

He spent the vast majority of our date talking about what a psychotic bitch his ex-girlfriend is.

I’m not kidding.

He complained up and down about how poorly she’d treated him. So, at one point I just had to ask what the appeal this heinous hell-beast had had for him.

EEE: I gotta know, this chick sounds like a total pill. I mean, she treated you like crap. WHY did you stay with her so long?
Guy: Well, she was HOT!

Yup. He even tried to give me her Match username so that I could look her up to see just how hot she was.

Surprisingly, I actually had a good time. I was vastly entertained by the whole situation, the conversation flowed well, and I really liked the little joint we were at: a cool little neighborhood wine bar called Broadway Cellars. Good atmosphere, cute bartender, lovely Zinfandel…

So, at the end of the date, he paid the bill (my rule is that I’m always prepared to pay my share but I will graciously accept if the guy insists) and I thanked him.

But we didn’t leave.

He made no move to put on his coat.

Finally I couldn’t just sit there any longer and I had to ask,

EEE: Um…. Are we waiting for something?
Guy: (Pointing to the TV behind the bar) First Down

I can’t make this shit up.

So, I waited patiently through the next play and when the orange and black team did not make it past the Yellow Line, I stood up and put on my coat.

EEE: Well, I’m going to go to the El.

To his credit, he put on his coat and walked out with me. But we’d only gone about ten feet when he walked away towards a car parked at the curb.

Guy: (from the other side of his car) Well it was nice meeting you!
EEE: You too! Thanks for the drinks.

And he got in his car and drove off. Now, I’m all for equality and independence and clearly we weren’t going to exchange bodily fluids any time this century, but still!!! He could at LEAST have offered to walk me to the El. The neighborhood wasn’t totally sketchy, but….


Stay tuned for the next installment of Adventures in E-Dating!

Have a great weekend, all!!!!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Divorce Bus

I was on the Divorce Bus this morning. Some law firm had bought every inch of advertising space the CTA would sell them on this bus. There was even an ad on the ceiling of the vehicle just in case someone was lying on their back in the aisle and needed something to stare at from that position.

They were hocking everything from “Contested Divorce” to “Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements” (POST Nuptial? That’s a new one for me…) to “Orders of Protection” (Depressing!!!!) Everything EXCEPT Mediation. (Personally I think that there isn’t enough mediation being done)

Now, I understand that divorce happens. Some marriages just can’t (and shouldn’t) be saved. I also understand that divorce attorneys fulfill an unfortunate but necessary function in today’s society. Especially when the economy starts to suck donkey balls, as it’s doing now.

But this bombardment of “More Bad Times than Good? Need a Divorce? Call NOW!” on every available surface just seemed tacky.

And sad.

But hey! I just joined Match dot com! Wish me luck! Ah… l'amour

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This SSSSucks

For the second time in last six months, I have had a flight cancelled at the last minute. Weather was NOT a factor in either case and both times the airline was United.

This last time, I am 98% certain that the flight was cancelled b/c it was too empty. Just minutes before we were supposed to board there were only about 30 people at the gate waiting to board.

I managed to get rebooked on an American Eagle flight leaving four hours later, but it was still really frustrating.

Part of my frustration stemmed from the fact that when you book your ticket through one carrier and then get rebooked through another, you're more likely to be issued a boarding pass with the dreaded "SSSS" code on it.

I don't know what "SSSS" stands for. "Sucks to be you, you Sad, Sorry Sucker!" is the closest I can come up with, though "Selected for Secondary Security Scan" may be more likely.

Anyway, what it amounts to is this:

1. I checked in
2. I went through Security and sat down to wait at the gate
3. The flight was delay 30 min
4. The flight was cancelled
5. We all got up to go back to ticketing to get rebooked
6. The United Airlines Rep at the gate got on the intercom to assure us that the flight was NOT cancelled
7. We all sat down
8. The United Airlines Rep at the gate got on the intercom to say "Oops! My bad! It IS cancelled!" (This is a whole 'nother issue that I will be discussing with Cust Serv soon!)
9. We all got up to go back to ticketing to get rebooked
10. After waiting 45 min, I got rebooked on American Eagle
11. I went to Security and had to go through the whole pat-down, bag search rigmarole - regardless to the fact that I had already been through Security once already and was only going through a 2nd time because United Airlines are a bunch of cockknockers.


But I was nice about it. I know it's a precaution.

But I couldn't help feeling like insult had been heaped on top of injury. It was like being pissed on after being knocked over.

But whatever. I'm home now and I will make a concerted effort NOT to fly the Friendly Skies again anytime soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So. It's official.

The CB and I are no longer. We barely ever were.

I'm sad, of course, because I was having a lot of fun and I was looking forward to more fun with him. He made me feel smart and funny and sexy (God, soooo sexy) and cool.

But shit happens.

I'm not mad or resentful. He's a really great person and I wish him all the best.

Thank you, sweet boy, for all the laughs and the all the thrills.

Farewell and Good Luck!


Back to the Grind

The last several days - hell, the last several WEEKS - have been hellish and I have not been to the gym for a solid week.

I'm meeting my trainer at 5am today and I'm worried about what she's going to say.

I'm also nervous about what the scale is going to say.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Class - and the lack thereof

(Sorry to go political again, but what can I say... I have opinions...)

I heard two concession speeches this morning – I couldn’t bear to watch election results last night and went to bed without turning on the TV, internet, or radio.

The first concession speech I heard (segments of) was John McCain’s. It was both gracious and moving. I regained some of the respect I once had for him but had lost through the course of this election hearing him urge us to come together for the betterment of our nation.

The second concession speech I heard – though “concession” is a very loose term in this case, came from Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica. Now, I have very little respect for Peraica prior to this, but his petulant, whiney, sour-grapes speech following his loss to future State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, just showed anyone who didn’t already know that here is a man with absolutely no class.

Instead of congratulating Ms. Alvarez, a career prosecutor, and offering his help, he whined about the choices of his own constituents.

What’s next, Tony? You barely held your own district on the Cook County Board during the last election. Even your own party is getting disgusted with you, you media-whoor. You ask why the Republican Party has such a hard time gaining a foothold into elected offices in Cook County? It’s because YOU have elbowed your way to the front of the line and voters find you off-putting and obnoxious.

My guess? You’ll lose your seat during the next election for County Board. You know it too, Tony, which is why you’ll run for any race that’s open (including the chief prosecutor when you’re a DEFENSE attorney?!)

And when the voters of Cook County finally get that immature, useless Toddler out of office, it will not be YOU sitting at the head of the table. It’ll either be Quigley, Claypool or Gorman. And you’ll fade away into nothing until you find a new way to get your name in print.

I hear Paris Hilton is looking for a new BFF…

Though I think even she has more class than you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Just a shout out on this Election Day (VOTE!!!!) to my dear imaginary friend Terri. I hope you have a spectacular birthday!

To everyone else: Vote! Vote! Vote!!!!

See you on the flipside!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Ex is a Boob


My ex's wife is about 23 months pregnant.

She came to Dave's Halloween party tonight as a pumpkin. She was adorable, but is clearly CLEARLY insecure about the weight she has gained in the last few months.

Boy: Hey!
EEE: Hey!
Boy: Have you lost weight?
EEE: Yes.
Boy's Wife: What?
Boy: I was just commenting that EEE has lost weight. She looks great, doesn't she?
EEE: (silent groan)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh, and one more thing...

As if I don't have enough going on right now, it is now November.

For most people this means very little: Election day (of course), the end of Daylight Savings, (tomorrow, folks!) Thanksgiving, and the holiday shopping season.

For me, it means all those things in addition to a busy time at work, family stuff, the novel I'm finishing, PLUS National Novel Writing Month (

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I love Love LOVE NaNoWriMo. I've done it four times now and I really want to make it a life-long challenge. And this year will definitely be a challenge!

I've given it absolutely no thought. I have no main character and no plot. All I have is a potential title ("They Hate Me in Des Plaines") and a vague idea that I'd like to incorporate some of the personality quirks of my imaginary friends.

We'll see how it goes. I'm gonna get started today. To hit 50K in 30 days, I usually aim for 2k/day (always with the assumption that there will be days when I just can't face the computer)

I'm completely overwhelmed. We'll see how it ends up.