Friday, November 14, 2008

Divorce Bus

I was on the Divorce Bus this morning. Some law firm had bought every inch of advertising space the CTA would sell them on this bus. There was even an ad on the ceiling of the vehicle just in case someone was lying on their back in the aisle and needed something to stare at from that position.

They were hocking everything from “Contested Divorce” to “Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements” (POST Nuptial? That’s a new one for me…) to “Orders of Protection” (Depressing!!!!) Everything EXCEPT Mediation. (Personally I think that there isn’t enough mediation being done)

Now, I understand that divorce happens. Some marriages just can’t (and shouldn’t) be saved. I also understand that divorce attorneys fulfill an unfortunate but necessary function in today’s society. Especially when the economy starts to suck donkey balls, as it’s doing now.

But this bombardment of “More Bad Times than Good? Need a Divorce? Call NOW!” on every available surface just seemed tacky.

And sad.

But hey! I just joined Match dot com! Wish me luck! Ah… l'amour


Anonymous said...

Hey, EEE
That's where I met my SMF.
I dated quite a few men from there. I have been told I should write a book on how I investigated men before I would meet even meet them.

Garth said...

Advertising has violated a lot of presumed personal space but the CTA has to generate every cent it can so realize you are commuting on a mobile billboard.

Regarding personel space...
I thought of putting ads on the doors of bathroom stalls years before I ever actually saw one. Nothing like a captive audience!

Anonymous said...

hi eee!

i recomend the chicago reader online personals... I met my beau there, and we've been dating for a year and a half :D of course i had to weed through a couple real losers, but that's everywhere, right? it's just browsing, no computerized matchmaking, which always gets it wrong for me anyways... good luck! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Trip!

It's ani (animaniactoo). Betcha didn't even know I read you here.

I get the same thing on the advertising on NYC trains. I hate when the car is all covered with ads for the same company - I like a lil variety to my life tyvm *wink*.

Speaking of variety... this was why I really responded... if you're interested, there's another sorta-dating site. , the concept being a "hey, I'm not looking for a soulmate, I'm looking to meet interesting people, and maybe I'll want to go out with one of them". Even if you're not interested, you should check out the "I Discriminate" policy link on the Join page. It's hilarious.

*smooches* ani 8•)

P.S. In the "world is coincidentally weird as hell category", my captcha word is "matenon". Is that french for "no mate"????

Redhead With Glasses said...

That is sad. And I say that as someone who is divorced. I mean, to actually *push* someone in that direction with no knowledge of their circumstances just seems... okay. GREEDY. Really? You want money that badly?

I had a coworker who had been a legal secretary for a family law firm. She said the lawyers at her firm would purposely turn amicable divorces into acrimonious ones: An amicable divorce isn't worth much; the nasty divorce will cost $10K. It made her sick, and she quit because of it.