Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool?

My dad is my accountant. He's also a complete smartass. I'm not sure why I didn't inherit the smartass gene.


I'm refinancing my mortgage (rates are sooooo low!) and I need my last two years' W2s. Now, I could dig through my own not-very-organized filing system (doesn't everyone just shove stuff in a shopping bag?) or I could call my accountant, aka Dad.

So, obviously, I called my dad.

EEE: Morning, Daddy.
Dad: Good morning, EEE.
(exchange of pleasantries la la la)
EEE: So, I'm refinancing my mortgage and I need my last two years' W2s. Do you still have those on file?
Dad: Yeah right. They've been shredded. April Fool.
EEE: Huh? I'm refinancing. I'm getting below 5%.
Dad: Yeah right.
EEE: Why would I joke?
Dad: Because it's April Fool's Day.
EEE: Dad. Don't you think that if I were going to punk you this morning I'd come up with something better than "I'm doing a refi"???
Dad: You're serious?

Only, it took much longer than that to actually convince him. I don't know why...

Though, to be fair, last year my sister and I DID convince our mother that our brother's GF was preggers... Hehehe!

AND we are talking about a man who PROPOSED 40 years ago today. (She turned him down four times b/c she thought he was joking)

Happy Anniversery, Mom and Dad!!!

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