Friday, July 31, 2009

Good News; Bad News

So I'm beginning to believe that I am unlucky to those around me.

Worse: for every bit of good news that I receive, someone dear to me seems to receive bad news.

And it happened again today. In the worst possible way.

Good News:
My father had his surgery today. It went well and he is completely fine. As they were removing the bladder stone, they examined his bladder for any signs of recurance of the pre-cancerous tumors. Nothing.


Bad News:
My very dear friend Angelique had to rush home from her trip abroad due to the unexpected death of a friend. As if this were not bad enough, she and her husband received news that his mother had also died.

I do not have any details but I know this: Angelique has been a very dear and supportive friend to me and my heart aches to know that she and her husband are going through this.

I'm not much for prayers, and I never know exactly the "right" thing to say in these situations. But Angelique and her family are in my thoughts and I can only send them my deepest sympathies and all my love during this difficult time.


Jay_Lee said...

Hey Honey, Glad to hear your dad came through okay.

I just got over being sick so I'm trying to catch up on everything.

Terri said...

Yeah! Dad's okay. Whew. That's all that matters.