Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not so much


I had a funny conversation yesterday with my friend Sam in Denver. We were talking about dating - I told her a couple months ago about B and she was excited because he's definitely HER type of guy more so than mine - on the surface anyway - and I can generally say that she is nearly every guy's "type" : tall, tiny waist, stacked, and a natural redhead, and FUN!

EEE: So I'm still seeing that guy B I told you about
Sam: Yea! I'm so happy for you and so jealous!
EEE: Yeah, I'm pretty happy for me, too!
Sam: So are you a thrash metal fan yet?
EEE: Um... Let me check. "SLAYER!!!!!" *pause* Nope.

But I'm trying. B played some Slayer for me on his Zen and then he put in a Slayer video. The bald guy with the head tats is pretty hot, and I kind of liked one song, but I really don't see a life of Slayer Super Fandom in my future.

God. Am I really falling for a Slayer fan?????

Yes. Yes I am.



Angela said...

I'm dating a guy who listens to country music.

He hasn't been thrilled when I've popped in Bauhaus, King's X, or Veruca Salt CDs.

I feel your pain.

Angela said...

D'oh. Nevermind. I just got dumped over email. After 2.5 months of dating. And his letting the "ILY" slip a couple of times. Grrrr.