Friday, January 29, 2010

I can has Run?

I ran a whole mile today without stopping.

And then I did it again!

This may seem like nothing special to those of you who actually LIKE to exercise, but for me, this is HUGE.

I've been following a "Beginning Runner's Guide" from Runners World from like 1997. It has a schedule that lets you build from 1 minute running intervals up to 30 minutes of solid running.

As of this week I've been running 7 minutes at a stretch (a half mile at my pokey speed) and I was due to bump it up to 8 minutes today. I sooooo dreading this. I mean, really, I was *dreading* the idea of running one minute longer. How crazy is that?

So I decided, about two minutes into my first interval, to see if I could just skip ahead and run for 13 minutes (one mile)

And I did!

AND! It wasn't even that bad!

So I did a three minute walking rest and then ran ANOTHER mile!

And it wasn't that bad!


Angela said...

That's awesome! Good for you! When I was in a 5k running club, I found that looking ahead of me was too daunting ("I have to keep running HOW far?"). Instead, I would glance up occasionally to make sure the coast was clear, and otherwise kept my eyes just in front of me so I could watch the sidewalk/path for obstructions.

It's 95% mental. Your body can do so much more than your mind thinks it can.

brenda and jim said...

Yeah for you,

As one who has started over so many times in my life - i can relate. Exercise is far more mental than physical (for me - anyway).

My best times are when i have something provocative to think about. If i'm upset about something or really excited about something - then i concentrate on that.

But if i'm thinking about the exercise - every minute is a challenge.

My own program is usually structured like yours. I don't add on minutes - but i have very steady (small) goals. My mantra is that I have to run one block - 5 times a week - Why one block? Because there is no reason i can't run one block - no matter what i feel like, how tired i am, what the weather is. And once i run the one block, i usually run my regular route. I find the hardest part of running is putting on the jogging clothes.

So when i really really don't want to go - i tell myself - "Surely you can run ONE block". There have one been a few times a year that i run the one block and actually come home after that.

Good luck to you - congratulations and keep it up.

Just Do It said...

TBH 13 minute miles isn't really running, just saying. "Running" is generally considered 8 min miles or better.

13 min is more like a reeeeaaaaaly sloooooow jog or a fast walking speed.

Gtats tho I guess.

Let me know when you break 9 min miles and I might feign being impressed lol.

Just DOIT!!!

EEE said...

Not trying to impress anyone.

But I'll be sure to let you know when the work I'm doing meets your standards, asshole.

Just Do It said...

Outstanding, I eagerly await your progress reports.

Now that you're approaching distances that might challenge a geriatric it's time to focus on form.

Poor form will lead to knee problems, foot problems, shin splints, sore ankles, all kinds of bad things...

You're already behind the eight ball in that your joints are taking an extra pounding, from all that extra weight you carry. So focus on your running er jogging form!

Just DOIT!