Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm a Free Bitch, Baby!


So 2010 is off and running.

And so am I. About 10 months ago I tried to start running but injured my foot before I could really get going. Grrrr.

It's taken a long time but it's finally well enough that I have been able to start running again. I'm up to 20 minutes of running now - in 5 minute intervals - and am on track to run a 5K in March.


Wish I could say the same of my love life.

The guy I was dating turned out to be a real asshat. And a pussy.

I'm not a bitter kind of person, I generally accept that most relationships fail. But this guy was a total passive-agressive jerk about the way he blew me off. He even told me that he was planning to move back to California.



Luckily, I wasn't too invested in this guy - though I DID like him - so I'm not really hurt or anything. Just annoyed.

But he's not worthy.

There are many great guys out there and I know that sooner or later I'll find the right one for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi EEE! Happy New Year!!

So sorry to hear the guy did not work out. People can be such slimeballs when it comes to relationship stuff.

The word down below for me to type out it "grofs"...isn't that cool, somehow. Just thought you'd like to know....

ex-ferrer said...

Well, until now I was evidently only HALF right about you! I now know you to be free as well...

Just kidding! Lighten up! Happy New Year!

Angela said...

Ignore the man with the tiny pee pee, E3. We all know his brain is just as small as his pecker.

Da Selkie said...

Girlie, I know you have so much to do. We've already gone over what the dikwad should not have been. You've already gotten over him (I think).
You are so brilliant, it's hard for 'ordinary, lazy, ignorant' guys to let themselves be illuminated by your presence.

Remember that most guys won't try to pick an apple off the top of the tree - they are stupidly happy with the bruised/battered fruit that fell to the ground.

You are NOT the rotting junk those lazy asses are happy with.

I have a theory:
Until the 20th century (oh, so last decade, right?), women did not have a lot of choices in who would be their husband. Women had to try to be pretty; pretty women got picked to be wives. Hence, women tend to be pretty because of (un)natural selection by men.
Men did not have to be pretty until about 80 years ago.
They have about 9 thousand years of catching with us women, in order to be as pretty as us. Am I crazy or what?!
(Actually, I think I'm funny and sapient all at the same time)

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