Monday, December 28, 2009

Endings and Beginnings....


My trainer Sharon and her family are moving out of the country next month.

What?! Huh?! What?!

I was stunned by this news. With her help I have lost 30 pounds in the past two years - nowhere near as quickly as I would have liked but it's been a total life change for me and everyday I come closer to realizing that THIS (eating healthy and working out 4-5 times a week) IS going to be my life - for the rest of my life.

She's been a wonderful friend, giving me advice and support and that ever-essential accountability.

I will miss her but I'm also very happy for this amazing opportunity she and her family have to live in another country and truly experience a different life.

But I also have a decision to make. I can switch to a new trainer - she suggested another woman who can work with my schedule (5am is AWESOME!) but I'm not obligated to continue with a trainer.

Part of me wants to try it solo for a while (the cheap part me - personal training is EXPENSIVE!) and if it doesn't work, hire a new trainer after a couple months.

Part of me KNOWS that I truly NEED the accountablility that a trainer gives me.


So I have a decision to make.

I also need to (quickly) think of a good "Thank You!" slash "Congratulations" slash "Good Luck" gift for Sharon...



jmw said...

My suggestion is move to Florida and become my workout buddy. It's free and we can be accountable to each other!

I know how you feel when someone who's a part of your life in this way moves away. That happened to me with a doctor and it took a few tries before I found an acceptable replacement.

Terri said...

I'd try it on your own and if you find you'd rather have another trainer then hire someone.

Tell all your friends what schedule in the morning you want to be on and we'll all ask if you've worked out. We'll help you with the guilt.

Heart said...

Did you think of a gift? I would say an international calling card, but most people moving overseas get phones that they can call "home".

I suggest going alone (w/o a trainer) and seeing if you can do it and using us as accountability partners.

I do know it helps when I keep track of calories and activity. lets you track both. When I use as an accountability, I know my caloric intake and an estimate of calories burned through activities. It's free. You can by a program, but the free version met my needs. There are many graphs and reports.


Jess said...

Do you work out at a gym or at home? If you go to a gym, you should put the word out that you are looking for a workout partner. I'm sure there are other women that would love the support.

I admire your willpower. Now you're guilting me into getting back into my exercise routine...

In addition to whatever gift you come up with (or instead of buying something that they would have to take to another country), you should definitely write a letter letting her know how much she has meant to you (I'm sure that you, as a writer, have already thought of that).

Best of luck!

Angela said...


Find a buddy to work out with you, or at least show up at the gym when you do, for accountability. You could post a note on the bulletin board, ask the other trainers if they know someone (female, I presume) who would be interested in this.

Or post something on Craigslist. I did this when I moved to my new condo, and I had some takers, but none whose schedule fit with mine.

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