Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happily Ever After...

Today my very very dear friend D is getting married.

D is one of those truly GOOD guys. The guy who will come pick you up (in his pajamas) at 2am from the Walgreens parking lot when you've got a flat tire. The guy who will replace the keyboard on your laptop in ten minutes and refuse to accept any money even though he's been unemployed for three months. The guy who will clean out the grease pan on the communal grill at your condo building after it catches fire for the third time. The guy who will lie and tell you that you have "dainty little 'girl' snores" after you pass out on his couch on New Years Eve.

He's the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and is always happy to do whatever others want to do. The one who loves to cook but can't load the dishwasher to save his life. The one who tells his girlfriend that two cats are the absolute limit but falls unequivocally in love with the kitten she brings home - near starved and dehydrated - from the CTA platform.

I'm so very very happy that he has found his match - a sweet, pretty, smart, slightly odd (OK - *really* odd - but in an endearing way!) girl who will balance his neuroses, keep him from getting too serious, try his patience, challenge his mind, race his heart, and settle his soul.

I have been to many weddings. But this is one that I am 100% happy about.

You have a wonderful wonderful life ahead of you, and I am honored and touched to be a part of it!

All my best wishes as you take this next step toward your own Happily Ever After!!!



Terri said...

Have a great time at the festivities. It's wonderful to celebrate such a special event with people who are meant for each other. Reminds you of the meaning of life all over again.

Jay_Lee said...

That is wonderful that there is still such great examples of love in the world. Gives those of us still searching and waiting hope that maybe...

cycle003 said...

YOU, my dear, are a sweetheart.