Monday, December 14, 2009

Flashcab SUCKS!

So, Mike, the supervisor on duty at Flashcab on Saturday is a DICK.

I called Flashcab at 2pm (I like the idea of using a smaller, local cab company rather than the bigger corporate cab agencies - more fool me!) and ordered a cab for 3:15pm because I needed to be at the wedding early since I was an usher and didn't want to inconvenience my designated driver by making her show up hella early too.

3:15 came. And went. I called Flashcab at 3:20 to check on my cab and the dispatcher tells me that they have me down for 3:45 TOMORROW.

I lost my nut.

It wouldn't have been such a big deal if this had been the first time this happened. But Flashcab screwed me over back in August too. But I was willing to give them a second chance.

The guy who answered the phone was wholly unhelpful. He just kept repeating that "we have you down for 3:45 tomorrow" - which did nothing to help my current situation.

Then he transfers me to "Mike" the supervisor. Mike is a dick. Not only did he NOT apologize for the mistake but he said, "well, it's not like we're forty-five minutes late or something" and then, when I asked him if he was going to apologize said, "I already did."

And, when I told him that he would be losing my business forever - and I'd be telling all my friends - and he said, with utter unconcern: "OK"

What a dick.

So. Don't use Flashcab. They suck.


Tiggr Woods said...

A confirmation call the day before could have avoided an unpleasant situation. ALWAYS double check your itinerary, you're the one who loses if it's messed up.

Seriously, how did you expect "losing your nut" to resolve anything, besides making you look like a crazy.

Let it go, breath baby just breath.

Jess said...

So, how did the wedding go? Did I miss your post on it somewhere?

Angela said...

I guess they're a smaller outfit for a reason, eh? ;)

Terri said...

EEE, we use Flashcab at our firm. We have an account. They are afraid of losing our business. They screwed up one time on a cab for me (they were 10 minutes late) and I got a supervisor on the line when they would not agree to a reasonable request (what for a client).

I told that person, "I will be sure to pass on your lack of responsiveness to our people here at the firm. I believe you have our account number in front of you. Goodbye."

I got an apologetic call right back and they bent over backwards.

So, next time you want a cab, let me call!!

Terri said...

I meant wait not what.

Flashcab does suck.

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