Thursday, February 25, 2010

My First 5K

So my first "official" 5K is still several weeks away.

But I ran 5K this morning!!!!

I hadn't planned it. I was up to 2 miles and I figured I'd run 3 today, but I'd break it up into half mile intervals. But once I got past the first half mile, I felt pretty good and decided to go for 1 mile intervals.

As I neared the end of the first mile, I decided "Why not just run the whole 3.2 miles (5K)" ????

And so I did.

And at the end I didn't feel like I *needed* to stop.

I keep going back to the fortune cookie I opened New Year's Eve 2008/9: "Don't Underestimate Yourself"

I need to remember that.


Jay_Lee said...


Honey that is so awesome!!!


Angela said...

Way to go! As you're discovering, it's 99% mental. Keep it up!

By the way, are you running on a treadmill? The sidewalks here aren't quite clear enough for running/jogging.

Anonymous said...

It sounds gr8!

But keep it as a daily schedule and maintain the pace!

See result sin few days.

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Fowl Ideas said...

Actually, it's more physical than mental. Wait until you start hallucinating after mile 20 of your first marathon.

Actually, that does sound kind of mental.

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