Sunday, August 16, 2009


Something very scary happened on Topix today.

Many of you know about the on-going "feud" between a few of my imaginary friends and a poster who calls himself "ex-ferrerman"

Well, it's never been pleasant and despite my attempt to smooth things over with an open letter and his response, he continues his frightening, vindictive vendetta against us, following us, reading the innie threat searching for any mention of him - though most of us are content to pretend he doesn't exist.

At one point in our original argument, he frightened me badly. He had changed his name to "Boss of EEE" and wrote "See you on Facebook - Ooops!" which I took as a threat. It scared the shit out of me. Here was someone pissed off at me reminding me that he knew my real name.

But from his comment on my blog, I thought I could breathe easily, that he was "safe" but now I am back to being afraid of him.

Because today on Topix, he posted the real name of a dear friend of mine.

He changed it up a small bit, but it was clearly a threat.

This is a single woman who he's never met but for some reason he felt it appropriate to post her personal private information to the world. He has put her personal safety at risk and THREATENED her out of spite.

And make no mistake, posting another poster's real name in any form can only be considered a threat. It says "I know who you are and I can tell everyone if you make me mad enough."

I can't believe that I ever considered this person a friend.

I even friended him Facebook at one point - though only after he had found me through someone else. I was never fully comfortable with it and I wish to hell I'd never done it. But it would have made no difference. Because we had a "friend" in common (a "friend" who has since un-friended me in retribution to un-friending ferrerman) he was able to find my real name.

And now I'm terrified.

He knows my real name. And he's proven that he can't be trusted with this information.

I am very afraid. He claimed to me that he "just doesn't operate that way" yet here is proof that that is precisely how he DOES operate.

We all use psuedonyms and anonymous monikers on Topix out of a desire to protect our privacy.

Outing another poster in such a way can be interpreted as nothing more than a threat.

I have toyed with the idea of outing him in return, but _I_ have class and would never sink to his level.

I am disturbed by the number of people who continue to stand up for this creep. He has annoyed me in the past and I generally do not hold grudges, but now a very dear friend of mine is TERRIFIED for her own safety and that is something that I NEVER forgive.

But mostly, I'm heartbroken for my friend and the very real fear that she is going through right now.

What started as a stupid, petty argument has progressed to threats on his part.

I warn anyone dealing with him to be wary.


Angela said...

Ferrerman is a douchbrain, it's just that simple. He reminds me of the last guy I dated: He can play normal for a short period of time in the beginning, then after that, the craziness just comes shining through and he can't contain the insanity any longer.

It's too bad, because there are people online whom you trust with private information and they never do anything to betray you, but one asshole like this guy, and it can cause more people to become more guarded.

Sad. Don't you feel sorry for him, that he would stoop to this level? I pity him quite a bit. Imagine his pathetic life.

Angela said...

By the way, I'd be just fine outing him. If anyone wants to email the info, I'll go crazy with it!

Bella said...

You are too funny Angela! Are you SURE you are an introvert?

Whatever you are, I like it!

Anonymous said...

Angela, you rock. His life has to be pathetic and very, very lonely. The only thing he ever blogs about is us. And he seems to target a different reg each time.

What scares me is that when he doesn't get the attention he apparently craves, he ups the ante.

Jay_Lee said...

He also picks and chooses who he will and will not engage. Seems rather childish to me but then again since he hasn't let it go yet that in it self is childish

EEE said...

Haha! Yes. He censors the comments on his blog.


Angela said...

Of course he's a coward. That's what bullies are.

maybe he's unaware that there is free porn on the 'net? Surely he'd find that more interesting than the continual bashing of strangers online? I should send him some links....

Typoterri said...

Thanks for the support everyone and I know he will continue to deny any wrongdoing, as he has continually done. I also know there will be people who believe him, for whatever reason.

I definitely won't post at work anymore. Don't feel I can. Ha, that's okay. I may become employee of the year.

I would just change my own avatar and continue, but I know everyone would know me by the style of writing (and of oourse my typos). Habits are hard to break.

See, the thing is also, while I made a pretty close duplicate of his avatar, I only posted to him. And he knows that. I never put his name or a portion of out there -- although I could have.

He finds a duplicate of his made up name, posting only to him a few words and direct statement so offensive, yet doesn't get what he did as wrong?

No, I don't believe that. I think he's trying to talk whoever listens to him still into how he still is poor soul being picked on.

I would hope people have more intelligence than that. Perhaps some do not.

Typoterri said...

OMG -- now THAT'S funny. That typo was not on purpose. (Sadly.) Perhaps I should have just let you all think it was.

EEE said...

I love you, Terri.


And - AGAIN - I am so sorry this has happened.

I'm still astounded that someone would have so little regard for another's safety and NOT understand that to do such a thing is very threatening.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


amc said...

"(a "friend" who has since un-friended me in retribution to un-friending ferrerman)"

Again - leave me out of this. And please don't put words in my mouth.

EEE said...

You put yourself in this by publicly taking his side while continuing to call us out for our actions.

You claim to be neutral but your actions do not match your words.

We have all seen your little digs about people being "victimized" by Angelique (complete bullshit!) and snarky little comments.

And you seem to not understand how agressive and threatening his behavior has been.

If you want to be left out of it, then STAY out of it.

EEE said...

Also, your reasons for your enmasse unfriending are too disingenuous to be believed at this point.

You cut off all contact with us while continuing to publicly support and converse with him as if he'd done nothing wrong and we were evil bullies.

Hardly "staying out of it" wouldn't you say?

ex-ferrer said...

This ex-ferrer/Ferrerman dude sounds like a handsome-but-misunderstood guy who has been an innocent victim of some really bizarre, cult-like bullies. That's a shame!

Vee Mallie said...

I would do the same thing Angela would! :)

ex-ferrer said...

Hey E, did you ever dream that Michael Satterfield would STILL be trolling after all these years?