Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What?? Huh?? WHAT????

I think I'm deaf.


I Think I'm Deaf!


I Think I'm DEAF!



Oy. So. I'm house-sitting for a friend while she's visiting relatives this week. Not much to do, really, just water the potted plants in her back yard and feed the guppies.

We had some pretty wretched storms on Monday morning (we lost satellite tv at my gym at 5:30am) so I decided to run over to her house after work and make sure her basement didn't get any water (it's flooded before)

I unlocked the front door and walked in. The alarm beeped at me. I flipped open the key pad and tapped in the code.

But it didn't take. I tried to tap it in again. Nothing I entered was going through. It just said "OC"

And then the most horrible sound I've ever heard happened. It was like an air-raid siren. An air-raid siren going off two feet from my head. And it didn't stop. It wouldn't stop no matter what I did.

When the security company called, I gave them the password and they tried to talk me through disabling it. But they didn't seem to understand that the keypad wasn't taking my commands. They just kept telling me to enter in the code again. Argh!!!

Finally, they told me: "Let me transfer you to tech support"


"Let me transfer you to tech support"


"Let me transfer you to tech support"



jmw said...

Ugh, how frustrating! So how did you finally get the alarm to shut up?

EEE said...

Tech support walked me through unplugging the box in the basement (wasn't easy!)

Followed by beer.


jmw said...

I had a similar problem with my car alarm once. The battery in the keychain thing with the buttons died so I had to use the key to open the door. Of course, I'd had no way to disarm the alarm first so it went off.

I got in the car and put the key in the ignition and the screeching stopped but the car wouldn't start. I had to call the dealership and have them walk me through the manual disarm process.

This was in the parking lot at work, too. Very embarassing. And it was lunchtime, not the end of the day, so I couldn't even self-medicate with beer!

Roo said...

My uncle installed the alarm system in his old car (that I bought). I was at my bf's house and the alarm started going off. His neighbor, a little old lady, ran out with a rolling pin or something, to fight off whoever was taking my car. It was funny. My bf took out the chip thing that made the alarm go off, but that killed the car, so my dad came by to fix it. Turns out my uncle had used wiring made for elevators to hook up the alarm, so when I hit a puddle and water got in it it started to go haywire.