Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad Day(s)

I did not have a good weekend.

My plans with C fell through - he ended up having to work late into the night on Friday and then again on Sunday.

I had been looking forward to a nice leisurely weekend of getting to know one another better.

I was disappointed that this didn't happen, but I know that he's hella busy.

So instead I hung with my girls. A & A both got their first tattoos and it was fun to hang out at a tattoo parlor.

On a whim I texted B (the ex from this summer) b/c we've always been friendly and I know he was into tattoo (I also texted C) - but the response I got from B threw me. "Out with girlfriend" he told me.


Now, I wasn't even aware he was dating let alone at the point of "girlfriend" - a moniker I'm not sure I ever rated with him (he never used the word in my presence, anyway) and this completely threw me. I was shocked.

Granted - he's not my boyfriend and he hasn't been for several months. I have a new man and I certainly don't begrudge him moving on. He's a great guy and I hope he finds someone he can feel that *something* for.

But it threw me. And on top of my plans with C falling through... well.

But such is life. Nothing has really changed, just my view of it has shifted a bit.

Here's hoping for a much better weekend ahead, spent with family (girls' trip to the F.L.A!) and friends (woot!)

So if I'm not online much this week, don't worry. But if I'm not back in seven days, you might want to call the Orlando police about a creepy 7-foot tall mouse running around without pants....

Love to you all!




Jay_Lee said...

Just as long as we don't molest Tigger I think we're okay....

and you know there are super heros at Universal. See you soon

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