Friday, February 20, 2009

Libra Rising

I'm a Virgo on the Cusp of Libra (as I've mentioned before)

It's nice that I can read whichever horoscope I prefer on any given day, but there is definitely a lot of dicotomy in me. And not just the dicotomy inherent to Libras everywhere.

I have to balance my OCD Virgo side with my lazy Libra side, my hard-ass Virgo side with my empathetic Libra side.

Right now, though, I'm torn between dueling emotions. I got some WONDERFUL news about a friend of mine yesterday! I'm SO HAPPY for him.

But I've also been struggling with the loss of a friendship that was pretty important to me. I'm very ANGRY about this and I especially hate that this person, through the simple act of doing NOTHING, is affecting me so greatly.

I pride myself on being in control of my own life and of my own emotions - which is probably why I've been single so long. But the actions (and inactions) of others do affect me and I hate it.

So I'm teetering on a knife today between extreme happiness for one dear friend and impotent anger at another (I thought) dear friend.

I will, of course, compensate by rambling incoherently to anyone who crosses my path.

So watch out.

PS: To my dear friend: CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know why you lost one dear friend. Could they be going through something and it has nothing to do with you? Or did they dis you really bad and there's no mistake? If there's no mistake then fuck em. It hurts but you know how they are now. I have friends that I actually speak to maybe twice a year. We email, send cards, etc. I also have acquaintances I speak to everyday. The difference? Those true friends I speak to maybe twice a year? If I called them and said I had a problem - they'd be on a plane, or doing whatever they are able to help out.

I'm blessed.

Same thing with some of my family. They'd drop everything if I really, really needed them to.

EEE, you are incredible. You are kind and warm hearted. You are funny, pretty and talented. Don't change b/c someone doesn't understand what real friendship is because without a doubt I know you have friends that are there for you. You may not speak to them everyday but they are there -- backing you up.

That's all anyone ever needs.


Anonymous said...

Oh! One more thing. I don't take stock in that astrological bs, you know that, right?

Of course you know that b/c I'm a
Scorpio and Scorpios never believe in that stuff. (How many times have I heard THAT? UGH!)


P.S. Peapod is coming by tomorrow morning. I wonder if one of the cute boys will be bringing me my nourishment.


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry that someone is causing you pain.
But you know that you have some freinds here!
Even if some of us are wearing shiny metallic hats.


garth said...

Sorry to hear about your dilemma but I second every thing Terri said. Fuck em! They were never a true friend so drop the emotions it's all said and done. And you also better get used to realizing it's not all within your control either. Start being a Libra and find your balance.

Good luck.