Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Like Mother...

My sister had a phone surgically attached to her ear from the age of 13 until... well... now.

She was one of those super-chatty, effervescent kids with a very active social life and a wide circle of friends who always wanted to talk to each other.

Her spawn is becoming the same way.

My sister called me yesterday from my parents' house.

EEE: Hello?
Jo: Hi. What's that noise?
EEE: What are you talking about?
Jo: There's a lot of background noise. Is someone on another extension?
EEE: Not unless Fluffy has grown thumbs.
Jo: Huh. OK.
*we spoke for maybe 5 minutes in which she channelled our father: asking me to trouble-shoot a printer problem over the phone from 400 miles away (fun!) when suddenly she stopped talking for a moment*
EEE: Wha...?
Jo: Shhhhh!
*and then, in a stern "mommy" voice*
Jo: Little Miss Thing! Are you on the other phone!?
LMT: Yep! *giggle*

Ah, kids...

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