Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Being and Runningness

So, something odd happened today at the gym.

I was running. I'm not a huge running fan, but I've found that I almost crave it on days when I don't run. (Fucked up, I know)

Like I said, I really don't like running. I do it in intervals only. I started with 4min walking/2min running x 6 sets. Lately, I've bumped it up to 3min walking/3min running x 5 sets. By the third set I'm usually panting and sweating pretty hard and by the fourth set I've got a small stitch in my side.

But that didn't happen today.

In fact, something really odd happened in the last minute of my last set. All of a sudden I realized that it wasn't hard. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard. There was this weird disconnect between "me" and my body. I could feel my feet pounding lightly on the treadmill, I could see my heartrate firmly in Zone 4, but I wasn't panting, I wasn't hurting, and for that last minute, it felt like I could run like that all day.

It wasn't what I'd call "fun." But it wasn't uncomfortable either.

It just... was.

I just was.



CeeKay1 said...

That had to feel great. I'm talking about just being, not the running. Milan Kundera-esque. (I am such a nerd). Luv ya.

ferrer said...

What happened to you was what we runners call "hitting the wall".
Wait a minute, I don't run unless someone is chasing me.
And hitting a wall sounds painfull.

Anonymous said...

I hate running. I try not to do it. I sweat sitting down. I know, not very appealing.

People tell me it will stop in a year or so.


Anonymous said...

You were in the "zone". Cool.