Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Garbage Delivery

When was the last time you used a phone book?

A real one. And not as a booster seat for your kid or nephew or to prop open the closet door while reorganizing.

I haven't used an actual paper phone book in years. They just don't make sense. They're too quickly outdated, they're unweildly, and they're wasteful.

They are, quite simply: Garbage.

Garbage that gets delivered right to my door twice a year.

When I got home from work tonight, there was yet again a little bundle of yellow joy on my door step and (following right on the heels of telling of a cell-phone yammering neighbor for STILL using Dibs) I simply have had enough.

So I searched the net (because lord knows you won't find the answer in the actual yellow pages) and there IS a drive to end home delivery of the yellow pages.

It's called the Paperless Petition.

I've signed it and I urge anyone else who's sick of this Delivered Garbage to do the same.




Anonymous said...

But, but they have MENUS for the pizza place in there!


EEE said...

What do you need a menu for a pizza place for????

EEE: I'll have a... let's see... um... the.... PIZZA.


For menus, I like: http://chicago.menupages.com/

Anonymous said...

I use my phone book all the time. I would like to stop getting all the competitor phone books though. It seems like SUCH a waste to have them drop off the REAL phone book, then the "Blue Books" one, then the NEW YELLOW BOOK. Augh. I just want my phone book. But I do want it.


Bella. (ps, I loved your de dibbing idea. Hope no one keyed your car.)

Angela said...

I use my phone books (Mpls and St. Paul do separate books) often! Sometimes I can look a number up faster than, say, booting my computer up in the morning.