Monday, January 19, 2009

BG: 1 EEE: 0

OK, so I actually have two cats.

Fluffy Kitty Butt is the "personality" and thus is easier to write about. My other cat, the Black Ghost, hates me.

OK, that's not fair. She doesn't hate me. But she is feral (honestly, feral) and as such I can't just pick her up and put her in her carrier when it's time to go to the vet. I can't pick her up PERIOD.

But it's vet time again and my vet no longer does house calls. So I've been working all weekend to trick BG into her carrier using meat-flavored baby food (FYI: cats LOVE meat baby food - they go nuts for it!)

Each day, I would stick the food in the back of the carrier and in she'd go. I'd let her eat it and then give her some more.

So this morning, I thought it would be a slam-dunk. But almost from the start BG seemed to KNOW something was up. Sort of like the way birds can sense earthquakes and the way my period can sense when I have a date)

I put the food in the carrier and BG looked at me, and then looked at it, and then looked at me again and then back at the food and finally stepped gingerly into the carrier. As soon she was mostly in and seemed complacent, I tried to shut the door. Tried.

Yeah. She got out. And ran away. I didn't see her again for ten minutes. By then it was time to leave. So I shoved Fluffy into his carrier and we left.

And BG calmly ate her baby food. Content in the knowledge that she had evaded capture yet again.


Anonymous said...

Chicken. Use Chicken. Good chicken you would eat. I don't care how scared that cat is -- would do anything to get that chicken.

Or Tuna. Open a can of Starkist albacore tuna. Stick it in the cage. Yep, she'll get caught.


EEE said...

Nah... my cats have no interest in human food. (Though Fluffy does like tomato)

The baby food is usually the silver bullet with BG. I can even give her antibiotics in baby food.

But she's strongs and she's smart.

Smarter than me, anyway...

Anonymous said...

I don't think I want to know how you found out your cat likes baby food.


EEE said...

The shelter-worker who conned me into adopting her suggested it.

It's like kitty-crack. They loooooove it.

Just make sure there's no garlic or onion (poisonous to cats and dogs)