Friday, January 23, 2009

Holy Carp!

Holy carp! I can SEE!

I've been as blind as a baby rodent since the fifth grade. While I've always been careful to buy cute glasses, the lenses are pretty much like coke-bottles. (Though in recent years with cool new polymers they've been thinner and lighter)

And now, after a short little procedure and a few hours of discomfort - I can see almost perfectly. Things are a smidge cloudy still (not blurry) and I'm taking drops every couple hours that leave a horrible taste in the back of my mouth, but I can SEE.

The procedure itself was quick. One minute for each eye to do the cut and then one minute each to reshape the eye.

They gave me a stuffed puppy to hold on to. I felt like an eight year old being told there were no monsters under the bed, but I really needed something to do with my hands. Let me tell you, that puppy's lucky it still has its head. Despite my square breathing and counting backwards from 100, I was still wringing him up quite a bit.

And then I went home and tried to sleep. My eyes were watering so badly that I couldn't get the drops in for the first few hours, but that is apparently "normal" and after about six hours, I was able to open my eyes and see just fine.

No pain at all. Just raging anxiety.

My eyes are a smidge dry today, but that's to be expected. I'll be using drops for quite a while, and no water (or sweat) in my eyes for a week.

Garth - can you believe that _I_ am going to miss working out hard???? I'm still gonna work out, but light stuff that won't make me sweat too much.

Take care, all! I'll try to pop into the boards later.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got your eyeballs in order!

My sister had the procedure about 1.5 years ago and has had nothing but positive things to say about it--I'm sure your recovery will be the same!



EEE said...

Thanks, cutie!

I just got back from my first follow-up appt. and I've got 20/25 vision in each eye and 20/20 using both.

A far cry from my previous 20/400!!!!

CeeKay1 said...

Congrats, EEE! I know you must be feeling great! You're sticking with working out, you had your (lasik, right?), and you pop in still to cheer us up and make us smile and laugh. What's not to love!?

garth said...

Just wear fake glasses for me every now and then.

And a skirt. ;-)

And DROP 'EM! :-)

(Oops, is this a family type blog?)

Anonymous said...

Just a random thought here: I think the drops were meant for your EYES! Unless they were cherry flavored.

EEE said...


I don't know about anyone else, but after I use eye drops (yes, in my EYES) I get a nasty taste in the back of my throat.

It has something to do with the sinus cavity.

Sort of like post-nasal drip.

Post-occular drip?