Friday, January 9, 2009


I’m going in today to be evaluated for Lasik surgery.

I’ve been evaluated before and they found that I was a good candidate – I have nice thick corneas and my general eye health. The scars on my corneas from years of wearing hard contacts in my teens are supposedly not an obstacle. Apparently Lasik was originally used to treat corneal scarring. So: bonus.

It’s still scary. I work in a very visual field. It’s hard to draw lines and curves and calculate angles and bearings if you can’t see what you’re doing. Not to mention the purely aesthetic component of my work. No one likes an ugly map. Though, I will sometimes use ugly colors if I feel that the project is stoopid or a waste of my time – but I’m not here to discuss my own passive-aggressive tendencies.

I’m here to talk about my eyes.

I like my eyes. (Yes, ex-fer, I do have two of them) They’re a neat color and they come in useful when doing things that require seeing.

I’ve read that the satisfaction rate for Lasik is between 92% and 98% and long term it’s around 95%. That’s pretty promising. Of course, if this were my sister getting surgery, she would definitely be in the minority. Especially if you tell her the odds. (Her arm swelled up the size of a baby pig after her doctor told her that 1 in 20,000 patients react badly to the Tetanus shot)

So, I’m not too worried. Though I have developed a certain amount of White Coat Syndrome in recent years. I get anxiety about visiting the doctor. I get anxiety about routine procedures like cavity-filling and mammogram (I still need to schedule that but that scares the snot out of me!) I’ve been trying to use Dr. Angelique’s square breathing technique when needed, but I may tell my eye doctor that I’ll need a little valium or similar before the procedure.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend.

And Angela, I hope you get good news tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

While I don't know what is happening with Angelique -- and now I'm worried -- I will address the Lasik thing. I've never had it but know a number of people who have had the surgery. All had good doctors (and I'm sure you reseached this as I know you're smart), the ones that the surgery gave them all their eyesight back or better are thrilled. The one that still have to wear glasses are thrilled too. Why? B/c their eyesight was so poor that they could not see anyting without their glasses and while they still need their glasses they can SEE without them. They no longer feel blind and can see a clock.

Best wishes to you. I have no doubt it will turn out perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Um, geez [kicking up dirt with athletic shoe] -- you will pretend I typed that above post absolutely perfect, right?

:) Terri

Anonymous said...

If you do this- and it's your eye(s) and your call- will you still have a pair of fake glasses for those, you know, special glasses wearing times? You know- when I'm in the library and the spinster looking librarian shushes me for the last time and she peels off her glasses and un-buns her hair, throwing it back as she rips open her blouse revealing...

Thank God I live in Chicago and there are snow banks galore to jump into these days. Wow! Where were we? Oh yeah, good luck with the eye thingie

EEE said...

You guys are cute.

I will very likely still NEED glasses when this is done.

My vision is extremely poor! (I can't see the "E" at the top of the eye chart - fitting...)

After Lasik, though, it will no longer be debilitating.

But even if I don't NEED glasses, I will very likely have a selection of fake glasses on hand to keep the boys on their toes...