Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Around


Little Miss Thing had a gymnastics meet today. Four events: Floor, Beam, Vault, & Bars.

She won FIRST PLACE in the All Around competition for her age group (7yo)!!!!

Third in Bars (her least favorite)
First in Beam
First in Floor
First in Vault


How is this kid related to me???? I can't even walk across the lobby of my building w/o falling down! (My knee is OK, it has a deep bruise. It doesn't hurt unless I put my weight on it so, no girl-pushups for me this week)

Jo has always been fairly athletic. She played on the boys' soccor team when she was little b/c there was no girls' team in our district - and she was one of the star players.

I'm fairly certain I can still do a cartwheel - but it wouldn't be pretty...

Congrats, Little Miss Thing!!!! I love you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Two weekends ago, my niece's ski instructor told my sis he'd like my niece for his ski team in two years! Her latest thing is moguls, "I LOVE moguls, Auntie Been There." I dunno how we could possibly be related--I'm afraid to go down a small hill on x-country skis!

Congrats to your niece. :)

-Been there