Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Rights Make a Wrong


I have a glove problem.

I lose gloves. It's pathological. No matter how careful I am, I always ALWAYS lose my gloves.

Two weeks before Xmas, I lost one somewhere between Old Navy State Street and my office.

The following week I lost one somewhere between Target and Best Buy.

To combat this pathology, I always buy the same, or similar gloves so that they can be pretty much inter-changeable. Black leather, women's size Medium.

This is a great plan. That way if I lose half of one pair and half of another pair, I can pair off the leftovers.


Yeah. Right. In fact, TWO Rights.

For some bizarre reason, I only ever lose the LEFT glove - which leaves me with two mis-matched right-hand gloves.

Every time. It's a rare talent.


ex-ferrerman said...

Hi EEE! I love your blog. The letters made me laugh until I cried. Wait, I mean the fake letters to Abby- not the alphabet letters. It would be silly to cry at regular letters. I was also quite taken by the photo of your eye- BEYOOTIFUL! Do you have two? I hope so! It helps while driving. Although, a pirate eye patch could be very sexy. You could pull that off! Well, I gotta go now 'cause you're making me very nervous being in your inner sanctum like this. Bye! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

It isn't you...Michael Jackson has been pilfering your gloves.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere there's a boxful of right gloves with EEE's scent all over them.