Friday, January 23, 2009

The Great Un-Dibbing

I know I'm asking for trouble, but when I got back from the gym this morning I decided to un-Dib my street.

I picked up all the crap people had left in the street to save their parking spots and threw it in the parkway.

One of my neighbors across the street saw me and laughed (of course, HE has a dedicted handicapped space in front of his front door so dibs doesn't effect him)

I'll probably piss some people off, but I don't care. Enough is fucking enough!!!

Happy friday, all!!!


Anonymous said...

Just read about these alleged "Dibs" in the Trib. Apparently the majority feel the same as you do and there's to be a mass 'undibbing'. HeeHee


CeeKay1 said...

If anyone sees that Big Bird chair they showed in the pictures yesterday, could you grab it for me? Thanks.

garth said...

You are my hero for the day!

You should have a yard sale and sell it all back to them.

Anonymous said...

Are you friggin nuts? You could have been shot!!! You know how people feel about their dibs!

Glad you got out alive.


Angela said...

I've never heard of this. So people "save their spots" in front of their house by putting stuff out there?

I'm on your side! This is nuts!

Anonymous said...

Angela -- she's not against this. She does it herself. EEE just thinks it's time to undib. It's a Chicago tradition and I'll go out on a limb and believe she takes part in it after a snowstorm. It's been a week since we've been dug out though and time to undib.


EEE said...

No, Terri my dear. I do NOT do Dibs.

I will put up with other people's Dibs for a couple days, but I do NOT perpetuate this stoopid tradition.


a770isaho said...