Wednesday, January 7, 2009

These Boots Weren't Made for Walking and I Don't Care!

I'm short.

I was never going to be tall. My mom is 5'0" and shrinking. My dad is 5'6".

And until recently I was kind of fat. I've lost 20 pounds in the past 10 months. Nowhere near the collossally fast weight loss on Biggest Loser or shows of that ilk but it's been slow and steady and I hope that means it's more likely to be PERMANENT.

Anyway, today is a bit of a milestone.

I haven't been able to wear knee-high boots for several years. I know people who are heavier than me who don't have this problem. Some carry their weight differently - in the middle or in their boobs rather than evenly dispersed like me. But mostly they're TALLER than me.

Most boots WOULD fit me OK if the widest part of the shaft were lower to compensate for my shortness. But they don't.

But I've lost 20 pounds (Yea!) and probably more since I've gained so much lean muscle. I haven't measured my inches in a while, but this morning I was able to zip up a pair of cute leather knee-high boots quite comfortably.

So I'm wearing boots! Yea!

I'm also wearing a cute plaid skirt and black opaque tights.

And I have to pee.



CeeKay1 said...

You are a mess, young lady. I feel your pain, though, lol!!

Ha ha, lol!
Not Linus Over Lucy!
Not Licking on Labia!

garth said...


And yes you are going about it the right way if your system is a balance between diet and exercize.

Just remember it has to be a life style change. About 6 years ago I got serious about my slow weight again through the 90's. In four months I dropped 54 pounds and then relaxed my program through the holidays. Opps! I quickly put 20 pounds back on cause I didn't grasp the concept of a lifestyle change. Once I did another 15 pounds came off and my weight has been stable for the last four or five years.

Bet you were looking hot yesterday!!! ;-)

EEE said...


The whole "lifestyle change" is really just sinking in.

I still sometimes have to remind myself that even after I get down to my "goal" size I'm still probably gonna have to workout nearly every day of my life - FOREVER - to maintain.

Hopefully, though, I'll be able to crank it back a bit...