Sunday, May 10, 2009

A classy brush-off

So, as some of you may know, I went out on two dates this week.

The first was with a very young man - 25yo. I'll admit that while in theory I see nothing wrong with a moderate age difference, I was hesitant about dating someone who was born in the 80s.

But the date turned out all right. We had good conversation and I was pretty comfortable with him.

Well, I heard back from him yesterday, and while he thinks I'm "sweet" he just didn't feel a connection.

I have to say, I really appreciate this kind of honesty! It's just classy. Too many other guys seem to just "lose her number" (and I'm sure girls are just as guilty of this)

Luckily, I was kind of on the fence about him, too, so it didn't hurt my feelings to be given the brush off.

And then there's the other guy...

The second date was with a guy a year older than me who is very very different from the first. He's a total "guy" - likes sports, is a bit of a button-pusher, totally irreverent. But he makes me laugh.

And we're still talking...


Which leads to the question: What on earth does one do on a SECOND date????


ChicagoSane said...

One ex that I loved deeply is now 35. She went through a breakup after 6 years and called me last week.

"Do we have to have sex after 3 dates?" Who. "The guy I started seeing." It's pretty much standard at our age. "Ugh."

If I date someone, seriously date them, the second date is always about showing off MY talent for picking a great dinner spot, picking a great activity to do other than get drunk, and driving her from home and back home, ending the night with a good kiss (and that's that).

See if the frat boy is a gentleman. Unless all you're looking for is a little summer fling, then throw caution to the wind.

And, no, I don't attest to the sleeping together on the third date rule. No matter what I write, I'm still a gentleman when I date.

Angela said...

What a nice guy! I agree, I appreciate the honesty.