Thursday, May 21, 2009



I thought that the whole low-pants-high-panties trend had played itself out.

Guess I’m wrong (wouldn’t be the first time – or the last) A woman sitting across from me on the train looks pretty professional at first glance: 30ish with a neat blond bob, silver iPod, frappachino, clean-pressed khakis, designer bag, and a pretty blue blouse.

And a lime-green thong.

Cotton. With a nice lace edge.

Not that I’m complaining.


garth said...

I wish my commute had that kind of scenery.

Why are you checking out women?

EEE said...

Why not?

I think girls are pretty.

ChicagoSane said...


I have yet to see this, but hear it from my femme friends all the time.

Maybe guys just don't notice?

EEE said...

Seriously? You've never seen it?

It was very popular a couple years ago when waistlines were crazy-low. But not so much lately.

Anonymous said...

A professor at my school actually got in trouble recently for pulling on a girl's thong. He says he thought it was just a string and he was trying to be helpful


I while back I posted that when these college girls dress all stoopid with their thongs all showing, it was distracting. And I got all these "you're a disgusting lesbo who should not be teaching our pure young women" comments.

But the truth is, both men and women (at least the ones I know) check out exposed underwear, even without really necessarily wanting to.

Hey, good luck on your date tonight EEE!