Thursday, May 28, 2009

Open Letter

This is an open letter to the person with whom I had a rather heated disagreement yesterday.

First allow me to apologize for my initial over-reaction. I do not blame you for the entire situation, but we had clearly gone to some lengths to avoid others and your arrival and your assertion that we “wanted to be found” was frankly insulting and disrespectful from someone who I had thought of as a friend.

I am fairly certain (hopeful?) that you did not intend to frighten me with your comment about Facebook yesterday.

But you did.

I can think of no other reason why you would have changed your name to mirror mine and then posted that you’d “see” me – other than to remind me that you are privy to my name, my face, and my friends.

I hope I am wrong, but that post made me extremely uncomfortable and fearful. And I do not like feeling this way.

I apologize if you are offended by this, but I have learned in my years as a single woman that I cannot play games with my personal safety – even if I insult others and end up looking like a fool.


I plan to give you a wide berth in the future and I ask that you please respect me enough to do the same for me.

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Nice! And very well said.

ex-ferrer said...

I'll address the FB thing first. That was simply a response to whoever (you?) trolling my ex-ferr name on the threds. I had just discovered that you had already un-friended me so it was kinda a moot and ironic point. You were not, nor will you ever be, in any danger from me. I just don't operate that way.

This whole thing was just a lot of e-bullshit. I'm amazed that it got this carried away, so fast and so furious. When I found the new innie thread, I was gonna let it go. Then I saw where a770 was trashing me for the Buick story and every breath that i've taken since then and I jumped in.

LISTEN TO ME: ya'll called it INTROVERTS OFFSHORE!!!!! I checked the 'as the board turns " thread and THERE YA GO!. That's what I meant by wanting to be found.

Now, I would be worried if a770 LIKED me so, no harm/no foul there. It did hurt to learn that some others thought I was creepy or a stalker or a mysogenist- I can't even fuckin' spell the word! That hurt a bit but, hey, it's an e-hurt. I'm pretty thick skinned.

I don't hate you or anybody. I seriously don't even hate a770 or whatever mad scientist made her in his basement. There's only one of ya'll that's real to me and that's what I'm happy to have after this strange experience on the threads.

I never considered myself a reg anyway but, it's best that bridge remains burnt. I'll still post and i'll keep up with your blog. That's it. Good luck.

EEE said...

When I set up that thread in NC, I believed we only needed to "hide" from Rational, Raptor, & that edgexxx guy.

They were the only ones continuing to bug us in the Tribune.

RACE & Newwbie were the only regular posters to ATBT and they had never shown an interest in our introverted lives before, so I had no reason to think they'd start.

I do not like the fact that trash talk started in our Offshore. It was intended for us to just chill and relax and be introverted. Bashing others is not what we are about. I was never comfortable with that and I apologize.

But we were still smarting from the loss of our first introvert thread. We did NOT want to be found. I liked keeping the word "introvert" in the name to welcome other innies into our mix. I honestly did not think we would have to bury the damned thing completely just to have some peace.

So when you showed up, claiming we "wanted to be found" I lost it. I was so mad. After losing IQ, having our "friends" continuously ignore our wishes on IR, finally thinking we'd found a peaceful haven away from the traffic of Chicago, to have the new room invaded was just too much.

I unfriended you on FB after your post on Amy referring to me as a "lackey" - while I had expressed my anger at your actions, I never once called you names or brought that fight out into the other threads.

It seemed clear to me at that point that neither of us knew or understood the other well enough to be "friends" and if you were willing to take our argument onto the other boards, I didn't know where else you might take it. It made me uncomfortable to have you that angry at me and have access to my personal information.

I did not intend it as a hurtful thing, just a self-preservation thing. Your comment about FB later just fed my discomfort.

If nothing else, this whole incident has solidified several things for me - mainly that it is difficult (if not impossible) to truly know anyone, let alone someone you've never personally met.

But I appreciate your clarification. It does make me feel better. As I said, I apologize for over-reacting, but I would rather be seen as a jerk than to get hurt because I didn't want to risk insulting someone.