Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The slooooow zone

Ugh. So I’ve been stuck on this plateau for ages. Seriously, I’m starting to go backwards. I had lost 25 pounds but I’ve effing gained five of them back. Dammit.

I tried working out harder and even mixed up my routine (no choice with the foot injury) but there’s not a whole lot I can do about my calories. My base metabolic rate is 1300 calories. I can shave off a couple hundred but it’s hard and dipping below 1000 is just stoopid.

So Sharon’s got a new plan.

For the next two weeks not only am I not allowed to go into Zone 4 – which I generally only did for short intervals a couple times a week – but I’m also not allowed to go into Zone 3.

Now, for me, Zone 3 is 142 to 164 bpm. And it’s harder than you’d think to stay below that benchmark. It’s hard and it’s booooooring. Add to that, she wants me to workout longer. Double boring.

But I’m willing to try anything at this point.

I’m also not allowed to lift heavy weights. She wants me doing very very very light weights (8 pound bicep curls? Seriously???) with high reps (3 sets of 20)

Today was especially difficult for me because I managed to forget my pod (which I still think of as my “walkman”) so I had to listen to all the obnoxious ambient gym noises and the annoying spinning music from the Boot Camp class (they always spin on Wednesdays)


The best part? On the weekend I’m supposed to do a recover workout. Recover from what?!

At least my sweatbands are getting a rest.

Happy Wednesday!


ChicagoSane said...

Rubberbanding weight changes SUCK.

What specific eating plan are you on, if any? Just calorie counting? That might be why you're having problems. Not all calorie are equal, the doctors are just wrong.

EEE said...

OMG. I am eating so healthy (most of the time) it's disgusting.

I've seen the nutritionist twice and there are no big red flags in my diet (tons of fruits and veg and lean protein and fish) - though I tend to skew too many calories towards the end of the day but I'm working on that.

Sharon's actually suggested I ADD calories overall by eating more in the moring. And I've been trying to get some protein before my workouts, but it's hard - I don't have an appetite in the mornings.

Next step: the thyroid test. It's every chubby chick's dream to be diagnosed with an irregular thyroid.


nutritionguru said...

I suggest cutting out the PBR.

EEE said...

Yeah, thanks, Elcy.


Anonymous said...

Cardiologist told me to up my protein to 50%. I have never been able to get quite that high, but I try to get more protein than carbs and fats. will figure it all out for you.


nutritionguru said...

Um, who's Elcy?

Is that the bitch who wears her underwear inside out??

Don't listen to her, she's a spazzzz.