Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Late... Yet

I'm so stoopid.

I'm not even late yet and I took extra measures, but I'm still obsessing about the "condom mishap"

The thing is, I'm not late. But I'm not early either.

And I've been about three to four days early every month for the past six months. I've found it incredibly annoying. And now that it hasn't happened, I'm starting to worry (just a little) about what it might mean.

Of course, it very likely means NOTHING! (Just like every other thing I obsess about!)

But it's sometimes very hard for my rational side to control my spazz side.

I'm not to the point where I'm ready to pee on a stick - Hell it's too early anyway. But my brain is constantly reviewing all the potential scenarios. Oy.

And I would hate Hate HATE to have to lay this at B's door right now. He lost his job on Friday. (I'm fairly certain that I am unlucky to those around me - my best friend's basement flooded on Friday and another friend was diagnosed with an ulcer)

It's most-likely nothing. But I've never wanted to get my period so badly in my whole life.


Jay_Lee said...

Um Sweetie, I say this to you with much love and affection....Stop Stressing Yourself. (Stress can make you late too, in case you didn't know)

You had a protection malfunction, you took measures, you did what you should. The only other thing you could have done a Nun...and we'll have nun of that. (g)

Tell B I'm sorry about the job....He'll find another one quickly. Damn Ecomony..

You're not bad luck for your friends (I know cause I'm one of them) Love you sweetie!!

EEE said...

Yeah. And Plan B can affect my period, too.

I KNOW this. But I spazz anyway.

Love you too, honey!!!

CeeKay1 said...

Lemme break it down, girlie:
Me----> PREGNANT (You saw it with your own eyes this morning).


Get it?
Love you!

EEE said...

Well, if YOU say so, gorgeous!


I'm 99.9% sure you're right.

But that 0.1% spazz is a very vocal minority...

Jay_Lee said...

(Runs by and smaks the 0.1% with a light up goggly eyed squid)

I have to have something to amuse me in the basement while I work right. There is a picture of said squid and his squid friend on my FB too. :)

ChicagoSane said...

Condom mishap?

Angela said...

Just curious... are you keeping this spazziness to yourself/us, or are you sharing it with him as well?

My only other dating girlfriend and I feel free to DUMP all of our relationship worry and angst on one another, rather than let on to a new boyfriend that we're obsessing over some detail.

EEE said...


Sane - I feel that "condom mishap" is self-explanatory.

Angela - HELL NO! He knows about the mishap - Duh! He was there! And he knows I took Plan B the next morning. But I'm not even late yet (due tomorrow) and with his recent job woes... definitely not gonna lay the "maybe" on him. Esp. since it's "probably not"

He doesn't need to know that I'm a total spazz. Not yet, anyway...

Angela said...

Silly! I know he knew about the mishap, but wasn't sure about the rest of it. I'm glad you're saving your spazzing for US! Trusted internet fools that we are! : )

EEE said...

I plan to keep him fooled into thinking that I'm a "cool" chick for as long as possible!

More fodder for you all that way...


(The "Duh" was for me, not you!)

Angela said...

I agree on the keeping the "cool" persona alive as long as possible! :) (It won't last long... eventually, something forces us to play a card from the crazy deck.) Glad to have you at the table, ma'am!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Angela - "Eventually something forces us to play a card from the crazy deck" - I am so stealing that line from you!

Darling Enchantress, please feel free to spaz out with us as much as you like.

EEE said...

Thank you all for your kind and irreverent words.

I can't express how much your support and smartassery means to me!