Friday, June 19, 2009

Plan B

So I'm in a much much better mood today.

I was nearly unbearable when I left work yesterday. Aside from the Topix drama, I had a headache, a project I've been slaving over has been experiencing on-going and frustrating technical difficulties, and the zipper on my favorite pants broke (I had to use a safety pin!)

And I was annoyed because B had just told me he'd be out of town this weekend. Grrr! I couldn't see him last weekend b/c of my family and then he was working his second job all this week and now the coming weekend was shot. Dammit!

But, by some miracle, he was free last night and we were able to spend the evening together!


I was still a little pissy when I got to his place, but he soon had me laughing and smiling and relaxing (I'm sure the G&Ts he was mixing me didn't hurt!)

We had a lot of fun. A LOT of fun.

There was only one thing to mar our lovely evening.

We had a... shall we say... prophylactic mishap.


Now, I've been PMSing for two days and we're fairly certain none of his little fuckers escaped, but neither of us is willing to take the chance.

So I trotted over to CVS this morning and purchased Plan B. If you're not familiar with it, Plan B is a high does of levonrgestrel, a common birth control hormone. I took one this morning and will take a second 12 hours later.

It's $50! (Eeeek!) but WAY better than the alternative (Double EEEK!) as unlikely as that alternative may be. I am living proof that the "Rhythm Method" does not work, so I'll choose B.

Side effect may include: nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach ache, breast tenderness, shorter/longer/later/earlier/lighter/heavier periods.

What the side effects do NOT include are 40+ years of child rearing with a man I've only known for about two months!

So I'll take B!


Bella said...

Good for you for being so responsible. I wish everyone were like that. Also, glad you feel better! :)

EEE said...

Thanks, Bella!

I was worried I'd get a Catholic pharmacist or something and have to go on a mission to get it, but she rang me right up and told me to take it as soon as possible.

It had only been 12 hours, but she kept stressing that I take it as soon as possible.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

Like I said, we were fairly certain we were OK, but neither of us was 100% comfortable with the situation.

I'm glad I had the option. Remind me to send the FDA a Thank You card!

CeeKay1 said...

I'm glad you're okay, lady. What a scary position to be in. I'm also glad that you were with someone who you care about and who cares about you. You also showed a lot of maturity; I don't understand knuckleheads who are embarrassed to deal with family planning purchases. If you're mature enough to screw, you're mature enough to face the folks at Walgreens or wherever. Good for you!

Jay_Lee said...

Wow Sweetie. I'm sure you're fine though. It always is good to be on the safe side.

Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

(sniff) So there will be no baby EEE?

(runs like the wind)

Angela said...

I love the honesty! Way to share! I also love that you referred to his sperm as 'little fuckers.' Both literally and metaphorically! Ha!

I'm glad you're having a good time!

Question: have you shared your blog with him? Do you intend to at any point? I shared the link to my "top 100 things I want in a man" blog posting with Q, which means, if he's bored enough, he can make it to my main page and read more current stuff.

I don't think he'll do that, as he doesn't seem to spend much time online, but now I'm thinking I shouldn't have shared that list. It will make me edit myself a bit, keep angst to myself, y'know? Thoughts?

Angela said...

I'd like to amend my earlier posts. HEre's the replacement:

What? You are having sex without the benefits and protection provided by HOLY MATRIMONY! What is my world coming to?!!?!

Okay, I feel better now.