Thursday, August 28, 2008

And the Plateau goes on...

Happy now, Garth???

So… yet again I have lost no weight this week.

I’m beginning to become seriously discouraged by this plateau bullshit. I’m working out. I’m eating well. I mix up my workouts.

Sharon has suggested I see a nutritionist. Not so much to tell me what I should be eating – I KNOW what I should be eating and I’m doing it. But there’s some sort of metabolism test that will measure exactly how many calories I’m burning while resting.


And I need to see my doctor. I have nothing against seeing my doctor. I think that everyone should do preventive care. But it’s time for the dreaded mammogram and that scares the shit out of me. But I should probably have a course of blood work done to rule out thyroid or hormonal issues.


I think that every overweight woman in America has this secret hope that all of her weight issues are due to a thyroid problem and once you start popping a pill a day, the weight will magically melt off!


Also, I saw a great episode of Dr. Who where people took this little pill and lost 1 pound a night – but the fat wasn’t just melting away – it was turning into little 1 pound critters to repopulate some other planet. Kinda gross.

Anyway. Here’s hoping for a thyroid issue because I’m otherwise at a complete LOSS.


CeeKay1 said...

I saw that episode of Dr. Who. It was cool how at the end the lady doctor got offed while she was screaming about her "babies"

Garth said...

Positive thoughts... A plateau is better than an incline. Herbal supplements are available for adreanal glands that aren't firing properly. And it's not just about weight, remember the inches lost and the fitness test you took.

I actually have a fitness test scheduled at my health club this afternoon. I haven't taken one in 4 years so I'll see if I combated time.

EEE said...

My favorite Dr. Who is the one with the angel statues.

Soooo creepy. *shudder*

My best friend wants a t-shirt that reads "The Angels have the box"