Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cheshire Moon

Every day we’re inching just a bit further from the Solstice. Every day the days get just a bit shorter and the nights just a bit longer – inching closer to the Equinox and perfect balance. And we’ll sit in that perfect balance for one brief day and then it will shift and the northern hemisphere will belong to night.

Right now the days are still longer than the nights, but night is gaining.

Every morning my walk to the gym is just a bit deeper, the sky just a bit darker.

Today I saw the moon smiling at me from the east, hovering above the horizon, a wicked, pearly slash of a smile like Carroll’s cat, waiting, biding his time, and planning wicked things.



Anonymous said...

eee - i didn't know if you'd be back to the abby board for more pledge talk - you should go to youtube and look up cactus cuties national anthem - it's the old video and it gives me goose bumps. The high note is hit by the little one on the left... :-)


Anonymous said...

make that the little one on the right... her left, your right. ;-)