Friday, August 22, 2008


Very strange things have been happening to me lately. Odd coincidences… weird connections… unexpected revelations….

I’m not a big believer in fate or Karma or astrology. Though I do love to read my horror-scope, I don’t put a lot of stock into what it has to say (unless F ing Mercury goes retrograde – for whatever self-fulfilling reason, stuff gets fud up when Mercury goes retrograde)

But this isn’t bad. At least it’s not ALL bad.

Last night I was trolling the net, trying to track down old friends through Facebook when I ran across an old college classmate. He got me thinking of other classmates and my mind naturally drifted to my unrequited crush from senior year (well, ONE of my unrequited crushes…)

He wasn’t on Facebook so I Googled him and he came right up! He has a blog! Excellent! I’d never thought of him as being much of a writer – our field isn’t known for its eloquence.

When I opened his blog I discovered two things. 1. He’s gay. Isn’t that just typical??? And 2. He has an aggressive form of lymphoma.

Quelle rollercoaster!

Luckily, it seems like the experimental treatment he’s receiving is really working. But I was so torn between gladness at reconnecting with him, fear and pain at this horrible disease he is fighting, and joy that he appears to be in a warm and loving relationship with a great man and is surrounded by loving and supportive people. (Wishing you nothing but the best, Casey!)

And other things have been happening, too. Little things, mostly, but odd.

I thought musingly of a word I haven’t used or heard in ages the other day and a few minutes later a friend used that same word in an email…

I was chatting with another friend about my Ex and a few minutes later I got an email from said Ex (we’re friends but we don’t talk often anymore) …

Then the weird coincidence of my Vegas post on Topix…. (Boy did I step in it!!! Aphrodite, I hope you’re doing all right! We’re all thinking of you and wishing you well!)

And then there was a VERY unexpected surprise from an even more unexpected source – you KNOW who you are! Though that was more bizarrely funny than anything else!

Anyway. I’m going to buy a lottery ticket today.

As I said, I don’t put much stock into fate or Karma or Kismet or any of that bullsh/t, but it really seems like the universe is trying to tell me something (does that make me narcissistic, Angel???)

Who am I to ignore the universe???

Happy Weekend, everyone!!


Anonymous said...

No-go on the horoscope -- but Karma is a maybe with me. Not necessarily that you cause bad/good things but have you ever noticed when some one does something very nice and unexpected for you and you are just feeling very good about it -- how you go out of your way to be good to other people, especially that day and the next person? Hopefully, it's like tag, you're it. Hate to sound like Oprah but isn't that giving forward or something to that effect?

Ah, enough. Keep blogging, EEE.


Anonymous said...

Yes Iris is me. When I post something crazy or attempting to be funny I use that. Well, I was writing from a man's point of view and when you pointed that out, I quickly came up w/ the husband/wife/Seth scenario.

And with Sublime1 on there, I didn't want to say it on the thread. hee hee

Still enjoying your blog.

From the Heart