Friday, August 29, 2008

Dorkiness Beyond Borders

Sometimes my dorkiness is too much even for my closest friends.

Several months ago I sent out an email, trying to rally support for a trip to the United Center to see the Spice Girls’ reunion tour. Come on! How fun would THAT be!!

Not one of my friends took me up on that idea. Nor did most of the nation and the tour quickly fizzled into nothing.

Not that I’m some crazy Spice Girls fan or anything. I remember their one song and I thought their movie was campy, silly fun, but I’ve never bought any of their stuff. Wanting to see them in concert was never about musical appreciation or anything like that. It was about the experience of attending a Spice Girls concert. It would have been fascinating!

And then recently, I sent out an email trying to get my friends to go see the new musical “Dirty Dancing” with me.

Most of my friends just ignored the suggestion entirely. I have to assume the email got lost in cyberspace… But I did get a few responses.

They ranged from polite:
“I’m sorry, but I never really cared for that movie. Maybe your parents would like to go the next time they’re in town?”

To perplexed:
“Um….? No.”

To mildly snarky:
“That’s all you, babe.”

To outright snarky:
“Did someone steal your meds???”


I never said I was cool.

Now, who wants to go see the Back Street Boys at Ravinia this weekend????

Have a great holiday, everyone!!!!



Anonymous said...

Dirty Dancing maybe... Backstreet boys? Couldn't stomach them when the rest of the world liked them (though I loved the spoof on The Simpson's!). That one Spice Girl looks like an alien... Poor EEE (and that Spice Girl). You're a dork, but we heart you. Call me when Cyndi Lauper comes in town and i'll be there! :D Stina

Bella said...

I just received a "Birthday Celebrations" catalog. Did you ever see one? Maybe you'd like the "spice girls" theme for your next birthday party?....Of course, they don't offer it anymore. Now it's all High School Musical and Hannah Montana...but I bet you could find an old kit on ebay!

Seriously, I think it would be pretty funny...

RE: your other comment: my hubby and I went to see Cyndi Lauper last time she came around!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Stina. Dirty Dancing I would love to go. That would be fun. (But then of course at MY age...) I'd take the pass on Spice Girls.

I'd pass on Cyndi Lauper, though Stina. Bella's for it so there you go.

You are no more dorky than I am a spelling wiz. Okay -- maybe that's carrying it a bit too far.