Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Theory

I’ve been really stumped by this ongoing plateau. What’s worse: Sharon’s been stumped too.

So stumped that she actually went to her supervisor (the perkiest woman on the planet) to have a consultation about me.

New theory: I’m working out TOO HARD.

I still don’t understand this completely. I always thought that if your Calories Burned was greater than your Calories Ingested, you’d lose weight. Apparently not.

The theory is that I have been spending too much time exercising in Zones 4 & 5 and not enough time in Zone 3. I’ve been working out like an athlete (What?! Hahaha!) – training my body to build cardio endurance rather than to lose weight. Instead of taking energy from my stored fat, my body is taking it from somewhere else (but I’m not sure where…?)

This theory was precipitated by the fact that my father bought me an early birthday present: a heart-rate monitor. I wear it when I’m working out and it tells me exactly what my heart-rate is the whole time, not just when I grab those annoying sensors.

Sharon was sooooo excited when I showed it to her.

Sharon: This is great! Now we can tailor your workouts, set your zones, and really see what you’re doing. AND we can do a sub-max test!
Me: Sub-max test? That doesn’t sound fun.
Sharon: It isn’t.

Oh dear… I knew it would be bad if Sharon admitted it wasn’t fun. This is the woman who will routinely show me a piece of equipment like the Gauntlet and say, “You’re going to like this!”

As it turned out, the sub-max test wasn’t as bad as I thought and I can run faster than I thought I could – for a short burst, anyway.

Anyway, this week Sharon asked me to cut back on my workouts – not the frequency or the duration, but the intensity. And I’m surprised to say that I’m getting a little BORED. And I kind of miss that kind of hollow, heavy-breathing feeling you get when you really get your heart-rate up.

Me??? Bored because I’m not exercising hard enough????



Garth said...


Zones 4 & 5 (if you can hold it) burn sugars versus zone 3 which burns fat.

I vary my cycling and spin classes to hit a variety of heart rate zones through out the week.
A Z4 time trial ride.
A Z3 & 4 interval ride.
A Z3 endurance ride.
A high Z2 / low Z3 recovery ride.

If you are getting bored, then you need a better playlist on your MP3 or a nicer ass to stare at in front of you.

Glad you found your answer.

EEE said...

I *HOPE* I found my answer!

It may take a couple of weeks to kick in, but I'm willing to try whatever!

Switching up the playlist is a good idea, but really it's my damn brain! I spend most of my workout doing math - How many miles will I end up with at this speed... Can I calculate my calories... but the math isn't as much fun when I'm going at a more constant speed and incline...(DORK!)

As for the ass... Have I mentioned that my gym is mostly middle-aged Korean women and elderly Eastern-European dudes???

Maybe if YOU come to my gym and work out in front of me...?

garth said...

What?!?! So I get the flat Korean ass and the hairy Euro ass and you get all the benefit? No deal. I'll keep my suburban milf ass. LOL.

EEE said...



Anonymous said...

A "sub-max test"? What the h? My dear, what sort of torture are you getting yourself into? -Beeny

Anonymous said...

You guys GOT to teach me about zones.....