Friday, September 5, 2008

The Poor Mommy!

My mother had foot surgery last week. She had three hammer-toes on her left foot that have been getting worse over the years and recently they had become quite painful. The poor Mommy!

(Funny side story – when we were in California in June, my mother stubbed her toe on the coffee table in our room and broke her big toe on her OTHER foot – the poor Mommy!)

Anyway, she had surgery last week – basically the doctor had to break each of her toes and then insert a screw to ensure that as they heal they heal straight. Obviously, this is very painful, so she’s been on Vicadin, which in turns upsets her tummy. The poor Mommy!

She went in for a checkup the other day and it turns out that she has a screw loose (I’ve suspected this for years) and now has to keep her weight off her foot completely. She was using a walking cast (like Nova’s Robo-foot) but the doctor got her some crutches. Ugh! Crutches suck. The poor Mommy!

So my dad was talking to my Uncle Pete yesterday and it turns out that because of some issues of his own, Uncle Pete owns a walker that he’s not currently using. My dad drove over and got it and my mother much prefers it to the crutches.

So do I. I think it’s kind of hilarious that my young, ornery mother is using a walker! Hahaha! Obviously, I don’t wish her pain (more Vicadin, STAT!) but the visual is just priceless.

Me: Dad, you have to get a video of Mom using the walker
Dad: What?
Me: You have to video Mom and her walker!
Dad: No.
Me: Come on! Please!!!!
Dad: No.
Me: Please?? It can be my birthday present!
Dad: Oh, all right.
Me: You’re just saying that to shut me up. You’re not really going to do it.
Dad: That’s right. Bye, we love you!
Me: But…!

I guess I’ll just have to use my imagination!

I love you, Mom and I hope you’re better soon!!!

Psst, Jo! Go over to Mom and Dad’s and video Mom with the walker!

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