Monday, September 22, 2008


Today is the Autumnal Equinox. The day when Summer is put to rest and Autumn begins her reign.

It doesn’t feel much like it today. We’re supposed to reach 80º. Ugh. I hate the heat.

But I am determined to be in a good mood today. It’s my birthday and I’m determined to start this year off well. So I’m actively looking for things to smile about.

I had a great workout this morning – after dragassing my way to the gym – and I just feel GOOD and refreshed.


And a few minutes ago, as I was walking to the train, a fresh breeze blew past, ruffling the feathers of a honey locust tree. As the Wind ran her fingers through the tree’s branches, a shower of recently turned leaflets fluttered to the ground. The sun caught the event just right and to me it looked like a gentle golden rain.


And I got a fun, flirty wakeup message from a certain sexy boy.


I got a good seat on the El.


And my favorite song is playing on my Pod.


Anyway… I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day today!

Happy Monday.

Happy Equinox.

And Happy Birthday!

(Ooops! That last was for me. And Katie… And Soomee… And Scott Baio… And Joan Jett…. And Bilbo & Frodo Baggins….)


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Anonymous said...

And again Happy Birthday, EEE, my imaginary friend!!!