Friday, September 12, 2008


Ding Dong the Plateau is DEAD!

I lost a pound!

OK, so it’s only one punky little pound, (and yes, yes, Rational, I know the scale doesn’t matter, now shut up and take off your shirt!) but I’d gotten so used to that F ing scale refusing to budge that I’d nearly given up all hope!

So I’ll take that pound, thank you very much!

Almost all of my other stats have improved too. Overall, I’ve lost 7 pounds since my last eval in June (16 since I started in Feb). I’ve lost 2 more inches on my waist and an inch each on my thighs and hips. (Interestingly, the girls have stayed the same)

I’ve improved my bicep strength by 5 pounds, I’ve improved my sit and reach by 3 inches, my BMI has gone down another 2 points and in the biggest change of all: my VO2 Max (my cardio health) has improved by 10 points. Ten! (All that time in Zone 4 wasn’t for nothing, I guess!)

And my overall “Body Age” has dropped 6 years, bringing it almost down to my actual age. My body is still “older” than it should be but least it’s in the 30s now! I’ll take it!

The only “bad” thing is that I haven’t gained any muscle. I’m stronger (30 pushups, thank you very much!) but I’ve lost almost a pound of muscle. I’m guessing I can blame Zone 4 for that? Garth?

Anyway… I’m happy! I’ll probably celebrate with a big ole bowl of pasta for lunch! Hehehe! I’ve been craving carbonara ever since a certain sexy devil put it in my head – you know who you are!


Happy Friday, everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm looking up Zone 4.


garth said...

Here's a link Terri.