Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sporting Events

I feel like I’ve fallen into Bizarro World. And I’m not sure I want out.

Today I’m going to blog about sports.

Holy Carp! Is the sky falling??? Run for cover!!!

I know, right?

Specifically, I’m going to write about two types of sports: Baseball and Sex.

Now, I have not had a whole lot of experience with either of these two activities – at least in terms of “team sports” – but I consider the latter to be vastly more entertaining than the former.

Last night I was surprised to find myself not only watching the Sox-Tigers game, but actively engaged in the outcome. I hadn’t let myself get my hopes up but I was thrilled with the results. Go, Alexei, Go!!! That kid looks about 15 years old (maybe he’s really from China?) but man can he hit!! Holy Carp!!!! Four Grand Slams in a season and he’s a rookie?! Outstanding!

And after the game… Well, let’s just say that the Sox weren’t the only ones to break a streak last night.




It’s been a really really long time since I’ve gotten some play and I was a little worried that I’d forget what went where. I was also nervous about my less-than-perfect figure and the F ing zit that cropped up yesterday morning…

But, oh! It was sexy and sweet and funny and awkward and I can’t wait to do it again!


Go Sox!

And to my cabana boy: Thanks!


Anonymous said...

So you did write about it and did you ever!! WHOA!!! (Although later than your usual posts.....I had checked earlier in the day) Some streak to break!!!! Hope now the streak is in the opposite direction!!!!!

Garth said...

Don't be a fair weather fan. It takes 11 more wins to win a ring. Obviously you're not promised a ring or a bonus check but you will get... oh, you know. Go Sox!!!