Thursday, September 18, 2008


My Topix name has been banned. If I post under EEE it shows up as ****. The same holds true when my imaginary friends refer to me in their posts. ****. F ing filter.

It all came out of an unpleasant incident involving a nasty little cockscab who made threats against my obnoxiously adorable little friend Trix. And yes, I know I like to preach “don’t feed the trolls” but I get all indignant when someone picks on my friends – even a snobby little twerp like Trix! (You know I love you, Trix! ;P )

The whole EEE thing was kind of silly to begin with. Not to disappoint anyone but it really doesn’t refer to much of anything. It is not my initials and I do not think of myself as an “Ever Elegant Enchantress” *snort*! (Sorry, Ange)

I’m not famous or anything, but a number of people – in addition to my little group of imaginary friends – “know” me on Topix and I don’t WANT to change my name.

So yesterday I posted as Tripoli for a while. But I don’t like it. EEE is easier to find when I go looking for responses to my posts. So I’m gonna go back to putting spaces in (E E E) and see if I can wait out this stoopid filter. But something Trix said leads me to believe that this may be permanent. Unless someone comes in and removes my name from “The List” I think I’m stuck.

I was more annoyed to be given profanity warnings just for posting my name.

F ing batsards.

Oh well. I’m not the sort of person to dwell on stuff I can’t change. Especially something as ultimately inconsequential as this. So I’ll just make do, adapt, and move on.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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