Friday, August 8, 2008


This whole plateau thing is getting old.

Sharon’s new theory is that I’m not getting ENOUGH calories.


It’s just so confusing. I do cardio five times a week and lift weights at least twice a week. I mix up my workouts: interval running on Mondays & Wednesdays, followed by weights; long moderate-pace walk on Tuesdays; ladders on Thursdays and Sundays.

I’m eating healthily and watching my calories.

But I just can’t seem to break past this fifteen pound barrier.

It’s incredible to me that I can be “maintaining” this weight doing all the hard work that I’m doing now when just a few months ago I was “maintaining” a slightly higher weight by sitting on my ass and eating like a pig.

I just don’t get it and it pisses me off.


Garth said...

Okay, time to study your diet, workouts and weight all together within your nifty excel chart. (Where are you going with this garth?, I know you are asking.) Okay, more directly... eliminate all alcohol from your diet. I've found after any occasion that I've drank, my weight spikes and I plateau for a week or so. I managed to go 6 or 8 weeks without drinking this spring and I consistantly dropped a little more than a pound per week. I need to abstain another 6 to 8 weeks but it is very hard during the summer months.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be gaining some wicked muscle doing all that working out! Even if the scale stays the same--is your body changing? That's what's important to remember once you get into workouts that are really building muscle.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. I feel your pain. Garth's advice is good. Change your diet. Eat different things, but still within your calories. Are you drinking water? When I drink a glass before I go to bed at night, it helps my weight loss...No kidding. Yes, I have to get up in about 6 hours, but..... Also, my doctor suggested no (or very little) carbs at or after supper (that's Southern for dinner).

Keep at it. Do not stop. You will get past this.

From the heart

EEE said...

Thanks for the advice, Garth & Heart.

I'll consider the alcohol thing. I really don't drink very often, but I've got a family reunion coming up and no way can I deal with four generations of my dad's family (and staying in my parents' house for 4 days!) without a drink or two!

Anonymous said...

Hey, have you tried a spin class?