Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My cabana boy (“Chuck” as Terri has taken to calling him) and I have had some bad luck with our schedules lately. Mostly his schedule, really, because let’s face it: my schedule is, by design, relatively uncluttered. But that’s changing too. November is always busy for me on the writing front and October is heating up. So finding time for “Chuck” is going to get even more difficult.

It’s a bit frustrating but not unbearable.

Work is getting busy again – I’m running behind on an important deadline so I’ll need to put in some (unpaid) overtime in the next week to catch up.

I’ve let my urban fantasy novel simmer on the back burner. I wanted to finish it before NaNoWriMo so that it would be novel number seven, but that’s unlikely to happen unless I devote some major TIME to it in the next couple weeks. Maybe…

Interestingly enough, while my life is becoming more cluttered (in a GOOD way) my home is more organized than it’s ever been. I’m not a TOTAL slob but I can be lazy – I’ll leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher or the clean laundry in the dryer – I lack follow-through.

It was never a total cesspool or anything, but it would not have met Rational’s high standards. But lately, with the ever-present possibility of a studly young cabana boy stopping by for a little fun, I’ve had to keep my home clean all the time. And to my eternal shock, I actually LIKE it.

And now I’ve gotten into the habit of doing “projects” with the time that I would usually spend cleaning (or looking at the mess willing it to clean itself up…) I’ve cleared out two closets and reorganized the drawers in my bathroom cabinet. It’s oddly fulfilling…

Who’d have thought that a cluttered personal life would lead to an organized home life?

Have a great day, everyone.


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Anonymous said...

My closets need you to come by.