Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crazy Extroverts


I am crazy busy right now. It’s mostly my own fault for goofing off through most of September. But now I’m putting in extra hours every day and I do not like it.

Add to that the upcoming election – which takes up part of my weekends – and the looming specter of NaNoWriMo (boy howdy am I NOT prepared this year!) and I’m feeling really really frazzled.

And yet…

And yet my schedule is NOTHING compared to the cabana boy’s. That boy’s got something going on every night of the week and on most weekends. Not sure how he does it. I would lose my nut if I had so little personal time.

My friend Anita is the same way. If she has a free night during the week she starts looking for a new class to take or a new project to begin.

Crazy extroverts.

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