Friday, October 10, 2008

Dr. Dave

About a week ago the D key on my laptop stopped working. It had been touchy for a while but now it wasn’t producing its all-important letter no matter how hard I hammered that key.

So I figured that there must be something stuck under the key and I pried the key off. I blew on it, thinking there might be some dust there, even though I couldn’t see it. After struggling for a while I got the key back on and it was working again – sort of.

It was working, but I had to really hit it hard for it to take. I had to keep pausing while typing to go back and fix words that spell check missed. (“And” without the D is still “an” actual word.) I never realized how many times I use the letter D in a normal paragraph. It was beyond frustrating. I couldn’t contemplate living with that headache for long. Grrr!

My laptop has been steadily falling apart over the past six months – ever since the warrantee expired (of course!!!) And I’ve pretty much resigned myself to replacing it in the spring after I get my tax refund. It’ll be four years old by then, which is a good long life for a laptop. But with this last problem, it looks like I may have to accelerate that schedule.

Oooh! Shopping! I’m not a huge fan of shopping for clothes, but I love computer shopping.

And, when looking for a new computer, the first thing I always do is call my friend Dave, who doubles as my IT guy. He knows what I like and he knows all the latest technology and all the good deals.

EEE: Hi!
Dave: Hi. What’s up?
EEE: The D key on the Cricket is dead.
Dave: Do NOT buy a new computer.

This may seem like a strange response, but clearly Dave knows me well. Too well…

I kind of have a history of automatically replacing things when they break instead of getting them fixed. I call it my “dealership mentality.”

In grad school in Colorado, the rear defroster on my car died. I called my dad and told him I wanted to buy a new (rather: slightly newer used) car. He hung up on me. A week later I got an ice-scraper in the mail with a note: “Here’s a $3 Answer to a $10,000 Question, Love Dad.”

So, Dave’s response to me was completely valid.

And it turns out the problem was indeed easily fixed for about $70. That’s $20 for the new keyboard, $30 for a decent bottle of wine, and $20 for pizza and poppers.

Much cheaper than the $3K a new laptop would be…

Thanks, Dave!

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